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The impact of student accommodations on the United States Education System

Accommodation requirements of students

Students receive educational accommodations. For instance, students might receive a copy of the lecture materials or more time to do an exam. Enhancing educational fairness and placing all students on an equal playing field is one goal of accommodations. But recent accommodations research brings up two unique equity-related issues.

First off, it’s more probable that students from affluent families will get certain allowances even when there isn’t enough justification for them, which can unfairly raise performance and exacerbate achievement inequalities. (Lovett, 2021)

Second, providing accommodations to students from less advantaged backgrounds reduces the incentive for schools to offer academic remediation, compensatory strategies, and coping mechanisms, placing these students in a worse position when accommodations are not available outside of educational settings. Practice implications are examined.


Why accommodation is necessary for students?

Students with impairments actively participate in obtaining and utilising academic accommodations in higher education.

Numerous studies have looked into various facets of the process of providing accommodations and have addressed a number of obstacles that have been discovered to stop the complete adoption of these adjustments for students with disabilities.

These papers were examined in the current study in an effort to identify recurring trends in this body of research. Several motifs that appeared in 23 empirical research studies were uncovered by the review.


Obstacles in finding accommodation in the United States

The inability to provide appropriate documentation of a disability or receive accommodations students found useful, the negative reactions of peers and faculty members that students experienced upon disclosing a disability or their request to implement accommodations were all identified as barriers to accommodations.

The review continues with a discussion of the study’s shortcomings, suggestions for more research, and suggestions for how disability resource offices may strive to eliminate or lessen the effects of the barriers found.

A change toward Universal Design for Learning is suggested as one potential strategy to lessen these obstacles after taking into account the breadth and depth of accommodations-related literary barriers. (Toutain)


What happens to students who do not get their desired accommodation?

Students try really hard to get their desired accommodation, which is near the university, so they save their commute expenses and are overall cheaper than the rest of the residents because they are students and do not have full-time jobs.

This is mostly applicable to international students since they are coming from outside and have to bear the currency exchange rates which could be huge depending on where they are coming from. In search of accommodation, they lose their concentration from work and often are seen asking for help like write my assignment for me.

When students especially those coming from abroad do not get their desired accommodation, they get depressed. Following is the advice to such students. (eazyresearchwp, 2020)


Revaluate your goals

Reevaluation is essential in all of your life’s decisions. Reevaluating your choices is like getting a second chance to stop a major catastrophe you are about to start or like you are wanting law assignment writing services.

In the same vein, it’s critical to reevaluate your objectives. If you have chosen the wrong goals, you can still make modifications to them by reevaluating them. Change them such that you become interested in them and are inspired to begin practising them.


Surround yourself with goal-oriented people

When you are around others who share your lack of motivation and are generally lazy, it is natural to feel the same way. You may have heard the saying, “You attract what you are,” but now is the moment to disprove it.

Be among a group of people who are passionate about their goals and who work tirelessly to attain them. Be around people that are ambitious because their actions will motivate and inspire you to live differently than you now do.


Add a little fun to your hunt for accommodation

You wouldn’t be enthused about doing something that seems pointless and dull, and neither would anyone else. A lack of interest in anything can also lead to a lack of desire to move toward a goal. Make it enjoyable to keep yourself interested.

Making your objective a burden for yourself would make it painful for you to complete it, but if you make sure to love completing it, you won’t have any trouble doing so.


Lessen your burden

You may also feel unmotivated to do anything since it will need you to put in a lot of effort and you have zero interest in doing it. Students and employees typically lose motivation when they have a lot of tasks or work to perform.

Many students seek assistance from custom assignment writing services rather than completing their assignments on their own due to this kind of lack of drive.


Impacts of lack of accommodation on the education system of the United States

Since accommodation is an important thing for students, if they are not getting what they are looking for, they might switch to someplace else.

This is mostly the case when the student is international. The reason behind this is the same.

Since they are paying a lot of money they want their required amenities. If they do not get what they want they switch which not only affects the university’s business but also hit the country’s economy since they are losing the investment foreign students are willing to make.

Not just the university’s business but also the university’s reputation in the world. By not providing an adequate living facility. Thus, it is important to fulfil that demand of the children who are enrolling themselves in your school.



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