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8 Effective Techniques to Improve Meeting Productivity

Meeting productivity has been frequently specified far too little consideration. In particular, the managers who unswervingly are unsuccessful in having a follow up with action objects conducts a bad meeting. A bad meeting entails the emphasis on too much irrelevant items, it has a lack of clear agenda, and make a conclusion without making any distinct or clear decision. Inefficient meetings are likely to be a tedious experience for all the staff members of your company. It could also result in increasing the cost of your organisation such as increasing the opportunity costs from fruitless conferences ascend through loss of employee work time (Charles et al., 2021). Contemporarily, the meetings have been nearly exclusively virtual, implying that numerous workers and managers alike are steering a method of conducting meetings that could make productive results.

1. Set an Agenda

A strong meeting agenda has been debatably one of the most significant fragments of a productive meeting. Essentially, it is required to spend much of time of the meeting on setting a distinct and clear objective. In addition, you must have full knowledge regarding the meeting before you make an entrance in the online meeting call or the board room.

With an intent of developing a respectable agenda for meeting, you must make an initiative by elucidating why you want to conduct a meeting originally. In addition, it requires to pen down the aims and objectives of the meeting. Then you must ask yourself that is the meeting even compulsory or not? If the message could be conveyed through simple telephone conference call, then it must be adopted.

2. Invite Using a System

In order to conduct manage the schedules of meeting, you must successfully execute a central calendar system for instance Gregorian or Google calendar. In addition, it would assist in comprehending and identifying all the employees who are required to attend the meeting. All the employees could have the record of meetings they have attended so far. Moreover, it has been considerably easier than making a search via fishing your mailbox for viewing invites of meetings.

3. Keep It Hands Free

In order to conduct an effective meeting, you could employ different tools of technology so that no one pen down the key points of the meeting manually. Instead, such tools assist in making the notes for everyone automatically. In particular, you could use the AI Assistant Fred while conducting meetings over the Google Meet or Zoom.  AI Assistant Fred would record and transliterate the whole meeting for you mechanically. Thus, all the participants of the meeting could completely pay concentration on the discussion and message delivered in the meeting instead of making notes.

4. Use Screen Share Features to Enhance the Experience

You can utilise different apps such as Google Meet or Zoom Screen Share features in order to conduct a more accurate response as well as enhance the productivity of the meeting. In addition, other tools such as online whiteboards could also be employed in order to enhance the engagement and collaborative brainstorming within the employees. Moreover, such tools have assisted many teachers in conducting meeting during COVID-19 and do my homework statistics.

5. Judiciously Decide the Meeting Slots

Meeting time tends to deliver a considerable part in ascertaining the mindset with which majority of individuals participate in the meeting. In particular, at the time when the work shift is about to end and employees have been ready to leave for home, at that time if you conduct meeting then it would never result in productive discussion.

You must select the adequate time and meeting slot as per the timings of work. Furthermore, you must strive to make an estimation of how meeting went according to the level of consideration of the employees.

6. Avoid Distractions

Distractions could result in speedily concluding the meeting. You must make efforts to communicate a few former guidelines and regulations regarding the meetings such as switching off their mobile phones etc. All the participants must pay heed that there must be no usage of mobile or any such devices, in order to ensure their full attentiveness (Dissertation writing help, 2022).

7. Keep it Interactive and Engaging

A meeting must always begin with a kick-start in order to grab the attention of participants. The attention can be detained at the start of the meeting by sharing a few engaging stiff or activity. You must try to enhance collaboration and engagement with the participants of meeting by question answers session etc. A meeting that just focuses on bringing out the message as what requires to be communicated is duller and more comparable to a ‘sermon.’

8. Conclude it Well and on time

When the meeting is near to be concluded, the speaker must ask frequent questions and address the queries of the participants. You must focus on ensuring that the discussion is settled by making all the participants feeling accomplished and satisfied. In addition, at the end of meeting every employee must have some positive response as they have achieved something out of a meeting.

In addition, strict adherence should be given that the meeting begins as well as concludes at the prearranged time. Th speaker must pass on the message of the meeting without wasting time on redundant talk or discussion. This assist individuals to pay more value to the meeting time.


Meeting productivity has been essential for the overall success and expansion of any organisation. In particular, an unproductive meeting brings about an increase in the cost of your organisation, waste the respected time as well as money of employees, and lower down the inclusive morale within the workplace. However, a productive meeting that have been founded on a definite agenda, without any distraction, and make considerations of engaging the participants tends to convey the message successfully to the participants. Moreover, such meeting also reduces the reduce this risk of increasing the cost or wasting of time. Successful meetings at the schools have assisted teachers to convey their message and students with assignment help. All in all, the organisations must be encouraged to maximise the advantages of productive meetings, and inspiring them to enhance their innovation, creativity, and collaboration through it.



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Dissertation writing help, 2022. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 27 September 2022].


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