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Smart, Space-Saving Beds for Small Rooms

Is your bed taking more space? Why not try a smart bed? Whether you own a living space, lease one, or rent it, the boundaries of a room can’t be expanded. At least, not without spending a lot of money on remodeling or additional construction. It is easy to add on more stuff to your Spectrum phone service, but not to your home. But that does not mean you can’t use space more efficiently. A little creativity can help you make a small space look far roomier. For example, these space-saving ideas for your bed may help, especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment. If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home, come take a look at Irving apartments!

Smart Bed Ideas for Smaller Rooms

Décor and furniture are rarely cheap or easy to decide on. But in many ways, decorating and arranging a smaller space can be harder than a larger one. Your focus is not limited to aesthetics or style (although that is still a key factor). You also have to offer at least equal priority to functionality. Space is always at a premium. And for a smaller bedroom, every inch of space must seek a balance between form and function.

Why is it so important to give more thought to a smaller bedroom? Mainly because it is often the most private space in your home. And it can also be one of the most intimate ones. Based simply on that, you need the space to offer both comfort and stimulation. And since the bed is the most important part of any bedroom, here are some smart ideas to try when it comes to them:

Loft Bed + Desk

The loft bed and desk combination is particularly great for a kid’s room because you might put the Baby Strollers. The idea is to make use of the same space for two distinct activities. The bed is raised above the floor, accessible by a ladder in the same way as a bunk bed. But instead of a lower bunk, you have a writing desk. This uses the same space as a bed, but since the bed is elevated, you get extra space for something really functional. Of course, the writing space isn’t exclusively for kids doing their homework. Adults renting studio apartments can also make use of this to maximize the functionality of their space. Imagine, climbing down from your loft bed straight into your home office!

Sofa Sleeper + Storage Space

A sofa sleeper is not really a cutting-edge idea. The classic sleeper has been around for several decades. It is, simply put, a sofa that unfolds into a sleeping bed. When folded, it retains the form and function of a regular sofa. The bed can take various sizes depending on the size and shape of the sofa sleeper. But it is a very convenient and efficient use of space. To further maximize the utility of the space it takes up, look for a version with storage compartments. This offers extra storage space in furniture that already performs 2 functions!

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Fold-Free Murphy Bed

The classic Murphy bed is one of the simplest and easiest ways to minimize the footprint your bed has in a bedroom. The bed itself is shaped like a standard single or queen-sized bed. But it comes with an effective method for stowing it away. When the bed is not in use, all you have to do is fold it away. The Murphy bed typically folds up against an adjacent wall. And thanks to springs and pulleys, you can fold/unfold the bed in just seconds.

Raised Inflatable Mattress

A regular inflatable mattress, while convenient, may not always be a good idea. It is less firm than a regular mattress. That makes it hard to get out of, especially when it is placed on the floor. For a college student, a regular air mattress may make sense. But a raised one is usually a better idea. It is generally the same height as the average bed, so it is easier to get in and out of. And adding a bedframe can offer space to store things underneath it.

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Bookshelf Bed

Are you an avid reader with too little space to store your books? Your bed takes up a lot of space that you could utilize to add more bookshelves. But then, where would you sleep? Simple! On top of the bookshelf. This may sound strange, but there are actually space-efficient beds with built-in bookshelves. And there are also versions where the mattress rests on top of the bookshelves, offering more shelf space. All you have to do is get a mattress that fits, and you can continue to buy more books for the additional space. A win-win on both ends!

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