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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks 2022

Are you looking for the best pubg mobile tips and tricks to improve your gaming experience? If yes, then you would love this article .Feel free to enjoy getting unlimited UC and premium outfits for free in the turkey using Pubg Mobile Uc Hilesi. In this guide, I will describe you all the PUBG techniques that ultimately Boost Your gaming skills and provide you the confidence to win the game title ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.’


Ofcourse there are many tricks and tips you should learn to become the professional player in this game. So lets move towards our Tips and tricks.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Pubg Mobile tricks and tips consist of many different categories. We will provide detailed information about skydiving tactics, team play tactics, solo playing tactics, and correct aiming tactics. You can defeat your enemies by not giving up the victory.

Pubg Mobile Parachute Jumping Tricks

  • The game begins by giving equal opportunities to everyone.
  • 100 people in a fighter plane equal 99 enemies if you’re playing alone.
  • In any case, a fast and accurate landing will keep you ahead of your competitors.

In addition, if there are other people nearby at the time of landing, landing before your opponents will give you a chance to attack by finding weapons and equipment before them. Parachuting tactics with 3 different methods; 

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1- Basic Jumping Trick

When parachuting in Pubg, you must first choose the place where you will jump. Remember that you can’t go faster than the plane to your destination, so it would be best to wait for the plane to approach the area you have chosen until you are within 300 meters .

  • In addition, if there is too much distance between you and the area you want to jump, you should keep your body parallel.
  • So you can stay in the air long enough to go the longest distance.
  • If you are very close to where you are going to jump, you can descend as fast as you can by positioning your body upright.
  • Before jumping, you should accurately measure your position and distance according to where you will jump.
  • Once you get close enough, you must jump and bring your body into the correct position.
  • After landing, enter the nearest building or houses.
  • The equipment you need is located inside the buildings.
  • It would not be wrong to say that it is also a good method for your enemies not to see you.
  • In order to land in the targeted area, you need to know how far you are from the target area and act accordingly.

If you are too far from your destination; To get closest to your target, you must make your body completely parallel to the ground. If you are 500 meters away from your landing place, you can move towards your destination by keeping your body inclined to be neither exactly parallel nor perfectly perpendicular.

2- Intermediate Parachuting Trick

Pubg mid-level  parachuting tactics are about vehicles. First of all, you should know the places on the map and the locations of the vehicles. The locations of the vehicles positioned on the map are always the same. For this reason, it will be sufficient to learn the locations of the vehicles once.

  • The area you want to jump to may be too far to reach by plane. You can reach the area you want with the closest vehicle.
  • It is a method where you can loot easily because it is not preferred much.
  • If you don’t like sudden and fast gun clashes at the beginning of the game, this method may be for you. Unless you’re in a scavenger race.

3- Advanced Parachuting Tactics

Pubg advanced  parachuting trick allows you to land 1-2 seconds earlier than your enemies. The fastest landing tactic is cross-angle landings. Applying this tactic takes some professionalism.

Pubg Mobile Correct Aim Tricks

Accurate aiming is the most basic requirement for the player to survive in the game and defeat their enemies. We will  review aiming tactics for 4 levels  . You can try to apply the tactics at the level that works best for you.

Beginner Accurate Aiming

First of all, you need to improve your aiming ability. So you can aim much better. While aiming, you can target large parts of the enemy’s body and then follow the enemy’s movements. After you have adjusted the target sensitivity setting according to you, you can start the experiments.

1- Choosing the Right Weapon

Each distance has its own special weapon. The features of weapons vary according to what purpose they are used and for what distance. Find the best weapon for your field.

To kill enemies at close range; You can use shotguns and pistols. This is why you often encounter shotguns when you first land in the area.

For medium range targets; You can use assault (assault) rifles.

For long distance targets ; You can choose sniper rifles and automatic sniper rifles. Remember, your weapon choice has a big impact on who stays in the game.

2- Aim Using Pubg ADS

The abbreviation for Ads is known as Aim Down Sight. Try relying on your gun to aim instead of struggling on your own. Your weapon has aiming feature. With this feature, you can aim much better.

3- Use the Hip Shoot Method

Hip fire method  Also known as Hip Fire , you shoot without aiming. In other words, using the zoom in or out functions to aim can be a waste of time.

At such times, you can use the hip shooting technique with some weapons. The weapons you can use the hip shot technique are shotgun options and light machine guns.

Intermediate Accurate Aiming

Intermediate  aiming tactics  are tactics that require a little more professionalism than beginner aiming tactics.

1- Lean to Shoot

Another way to shoot without showing your whole body is to use the  Pubg rear view shoot  method. We aim at the most visible part of the body when shooting at the enemy, but this method only allows the player’s head to be visible.

  • You can prowl around without being seen by your opponents.
  • Rear view fever adjustment; Pubg can be activated from the general settings section.

2- Choose the Time to Shoot Well

When you see the enemy to shoot, it may not be the right time every time. For this reason, it is often useful to make a quick analysis when you see the enemy. The best time to shoot is when the enemy is not waiting for you.

Sometimes you can hunt the enemy while changing bullets and sometimes with his back turned. Time is always a very important detail, don’t miss it. One of the biggest mistakes of the players who hunt while hunting is the timing problem.

Advanced Accurate Aiming

Pubg Mobile There  are also more professional uses for accurate aiming . However, for these uses, it is necessary to have detailed information about the features of the attachments, the areas of use of the weapons and the recoil rates. Pubg weapon addons, blows and features can learn about our article.

Shooting while the scope is open may not work because the gun recoils most of the time. You can choose an assault rifle to avoid gun recoil and aim continuously downwards while shooting. So you can balance the kick.

Pubg Solo Playing Tips

If you are one of those who like to hang a single pistol throughout the game, we have some tips for you. The best way to discover enemies is to use system advantages.

  • You should evaluate the feet and sounds on the map well.
  • You should use the free view mode to see the enemies much faster.
  • By checking the location of the building doors and vehicles, you can follow the tracks of the enemies and be ready at any time.
  • The minimap located in the upper right corner of the screen should be constantly checked.
  • It is a tool that shows many clues and directions, from the narrowing of the space to the footprints.

Pubg Looting Tricks

Do not carry more supplies than you need while playing pubg. You don’t have to fill your bags to the brim. Take care of collecting only what you need. Don’t waste your time in the game by wasting time to collect more. The amount of supplies you will need may vary depending on the map you are playing.

If you don’t like crowds and first clashes, you can fly to areas that are relatively far from the plane and have the opportunity to loot calmly when you land. While playing the game, you can find yourself a strategically strong position and make moves that will change the fate of the game.

  • The enemy can be anywhere, even if you can’t see it, listen.
  • Not only footsteps but also gunshots give information about where the conflict is.
  • Knowing the location of your enemy is one of the biggest advantages in the game.
  • You can try turning up the game sounds and increasing the SFX setting to hear the enemies better .
  • Try to ambush your opponents. Attack when he is most vulnerable and unprepared so he can’t hurt you.

Pubg Drop Tactics

One of the most popular among Pubg game tactics is First Drop love. When the game starts, the person who owns the first drop that drops starts the game because the equipment that comes out of the drop is actually much better than what can be found on the playground.

After landing on the playground, you can chase the first drop with a vehicle. During this time, others will be interested in looting inside buildings or in the field. One of the ideal methods for a quiet drop hunt.

Track Deaths Posted While Playing Pubg

  • The people killed during the game and the players who killed Pubg appear with the image of the weapon they use in the left part of the screen.
  • Following the weapons used by the enemies is a very functional method when there are few players left.
  • If you know which weapon your enemy uses, you can have an idea about which weapon and tactic you should use while fighting.

Pubg Team Game Tactics

Pubg team game means removing your part. Carry a smoke grenade with you at all times as it might need camouflage or a friend might need your help. You can’t believe how functional the smoke bomb can be when you play as a team.

Cooperate as a team to knock out and then kill your opponents. In this way, your opponents will not be able to have a preliminary idea about each of your moves, so you can knock your opponents out of the game with your own tactics.

Pubg Tricks 2022 Best Pro Becoming Guide

PUBG tips that players will use are shown as equivalent to winning tactics. The information given in both areas also increases the survival time of the players. Within the framework of the increase in the amount of times, the players increase the probability of getting their name on the best list.

The priority is to be careful to stay in safe areas. As in the top title, conflicts should be avoided as much as possible in safe areas. However, later time narrows the safe areas.

The decrease in safe areas brings together the result of gathering the players in one center and conflicts more frequently. In such situations, access to the new safe area is required to survive. Choosing to run on reach will cause players to become clear targets.

At the same time, running is not always the fastest form of movement. By improving themselves in the use of vehicles, the players can continue the game by accessing the safe areas in a shorter time than they expected. Since the brands and models of the vehicles are different, the degree of benefit they will provide increases.

Especially the use of vehicles in the fields saves lives as a result of the increase in speed. Moreover, the use of vehicles in the game can also be considered as an additional security. For example, players who are in a conflict can gain an advantage over their opponents by turning their vehicles into cover.

Pubg Tips

Among PUBG tips, it is also important to evaluate the game strategically. Individuals who play the game as a team should not make mistakes in communication. For this reason, the control of communication components such as microphone should be done before the game entry.

Unnoticed technical glitches lead to minor errors. In particular, minor disruptions experienced in the future show themselves as major reasons for the death of players. One of the important tips about the game is related to the use of vehicles.

As mentioned, survival rates can be increased instantly, especially with the use of closed vehicles. However, what the players do not know about this issue is what needs to be done after using the tool.

Don’t Run While Playing Pubg – Pay Attention To Your Walking Movement!

Many Pubg players prefer to jump through the vehicle before it comes to a complete stop in order to move quickly. However, as a result of this situation, players cause a decrease in the amount of health. In order for an advantage not to become a disadvantage, vehicles should not be jumped through before they come to a complete stop.

Finally, staying away from the conflicts between Pubg tips and winning tactics should not be misunderstood. The fact that players avoid conflicts does not mean that they do not prepare for conflicts. In games that are continued only by escaping, the first player to die when in the middle of the conflict will be that player. There are various other ways to get premium outfits in the game but Uc Hilesi is the great option can be used in Turkish language.

For this reason, equipment acquisition in the environment should also be provided. Players with the best weapons can find themselves among the players with the highest risk of survival after possible conflicts.

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