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Mark Your Presence with Search Engine Optimisation

To understand SEO, we have to look into the past from where it originated. So it was started in 1997 when the first marketing agency came into force which was trying to generate the traffic over their site and boom, successfully they made a great start and how it all started. Things have changed thoroughly from then till now, and now it has become all about search engine optimization. Every person is looking for ample opportunities in the field, some people trying to get an expert degree. Every big commerce SEO expert is mugging up their mind all day long to keep their website or blogs filled with those targeted words, which make their online presence more noticeable, and their website can generate a good amount of traffic.

What type of task do big commerce SEO companies perform?

They provide SERPs services to the clients.

SERP stands for Search engine result pages. These web search pages come in front when the user tries to figure out their query online. It can be in the form of a question or can have some strong set of keywords. As a result, SERPs splashes in front of the user as he clicks on the search button. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Mozilla, and many other search engines use SERP techniques to gain consumers’ attention. It can be a shopping site or some blogging site. The reason behind the SERPs is that it takes some main keywords from the questions which users want to ask, and it delivers the content in result accordingly. 

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In SERPs, there are two types of content-

  • Organic result: This type of search result comes in front of consumers, buyers, or readers automatically because of its algorithms and placements of good SEO keywords in between.
  • Paid result: In this type of search result, content makers need to invest a good amount of money to generate traffic on their desired platform. It has now become the trend for bloggers or e-commerce retailers to invest an ample amount in advertising the product to attract the masses. 

On-Page SEO

This technique helps the website to generate traffic organically. If your site search engine rankings are high, traffic automatically comes to it. It also depicts the trustworthiness and authenticity of the website. For example, suppose your website generates true and original content that users find worthy of spending time there. In that case, it is naturally building a loyal connection between you and your content consumers. 

How to get good on-page SEO searches organically?

Before writing something, always do some research and write about those topics on which views are less, and people want to hear from someone. Could you give them your words to hear? Use HTML wisely. Place a sound keyword to highlight your content. Would you mind giving it a catchy and beautiful title? 

Big-commerce sites always try to use on-page SEO so that their brand looks sound from the crowd present in the market.

On Which Factors Does Your SEO Thoroughly Depend?

  • Main keywords: Always choose those keywords that help boost your content organically; if required, you can use pay per click. 
  • HEADLINE- always try to use strong, catchy headlines on which the readers cant take their eyes off. 
  • Content engagement- if your content is engaging, it need not have any paid promotion or anything else until and unless you want to create a buzz. Always try to write over those topics about which readers are curious. 
  • Content research- research is prior and mandatory before writing and publishing anything. What readers want to read, their likes and dislikes, their reading habits are all things we get to know while conducting the research part. Writing for our target audience should not harm other emotions and dignity if we are writing for our target audience.
  • TITLE TAG – Try to find the link between your SEO keywords and SERP searched results to generate the title for your blog content. 

There are many ways to use SEO, whether by putting trending keywords, HTML, catchy headlines, on-page results, organic results, and more. Many big commerce sites have opted for advancement in this field and doing extremely well, and many more to come. The future is going to be fully based on SEO searches.