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How to View Drafts on Facebook?

drafts on facebook

You have noticed many times that because of an internet connection or technical glitch in Facebook if you are posting any message, video, or photo on Facebook then you suddenly get interrupted. Then, here is the solution: Facebook lets your photos and videos be saved as a draft. You can go on drafts and find your thing again. Let’s see how to find saved drafts on Facebook.

Drafts on iPhone

On your iPhone after typing, click on the ‘x’ sign on the left corner showing on your screen. Then, click on save as draft. Now, you will get a notification. To see your draft, tap on what’s on your mind and then you will see whatever you have saved as a draft on your device’s screen. On an iPhone, you can save only one draft at a time.

Drafts on Android

Let’s see where to find drafts on Facebook in Android and how to access Facebook drafts

Type something in the Write something here box and then press back. After that, you will see the option of saving it as a draft. Click on the option your post will be saved as a draft and Facebook will notify you. To access it you can directly click on the notification from your notification bar. Remember, you can access your drafts within 3 days only after 3 days drafts will automatically get discarded. 

Drafts on PC or Computer

To find drafts on Facebook, first, open the Facebook webpage on your PC. Then go to the Pages option. Now select the page that you want to edit and choose Publishing tools. Choose the My Drafts option and click on Action. Then some other options will be displayed on your screen according to your convenience, choose the option, and you are done with the process. 

Drafts Can Help you Stay Organized on Facebook

Drafts on Facebook help you to organize and store your thoughts. These drafts are accessible from most devices with an internet connection. 

Reviews About Facebook

Now Facebook is a widely used social media platform. Reviews about Facebook are on the positive side because it does not only provide a platform for users to make new friends and connect themselves with old ones. User can also share their thoughts, videos, and photos. Facebook has also become a marketplace and growing fast day by day. Where you can sell and purchase products and expand your business. But the transactions done between the buyer and the consumer are out of the reach of Facebook. Any fraud doing transactions, Facebook does not take responsibility for this. 

How to Sign in and Create an Account on Facebook?

Download the Facebook app. Click on the sign-in option. Enter all the information asked of you. Set the password. After that, the sign-in process will be completed and you will see that your account has been created on Facebook.

Who Can Have Access to a Facebook Account?

People who are 18+ are eligible to sign in and create an account on Facebook. If people under 18+ are curious to use Facebook then we suggest that parents, sit with their child when their child is using Facebook. 

Facebook has changed the lives of many people. Using Facebook properly will bring a positive result otherwise everything can be used in an evil sense. I hope you find this article of your use. All the information related to Facebook drafts is mentioned above. Other than that some additional solutions to the questions have been answered which people always look for. 

Thank you to all the readers who have read this article till the end.

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