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LinkedIn Strategic Innovation: Build and Repurpose LinkedIn Feeds

LinkedIn Feeds

The majority of social media marketers would undoubtedly concur that one of the most satisfying aspects of their business is when they are able to develop a high-caliber social media strategy and maximize its results.

Speaking of social media platforms, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the best networking platforms in the marketing space. It is a medium that creates a variety of content that can further be used in marketing touchpoints to the best of your ability. In this blog, we will be telling you about a few ways in which you can build and repurpose LinkedIn feeds for maximum results. However, here is a little insight into what exactly is content repurposing and how can it be used for LinkedIn feeds.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Content Repurposing – What Is It?

By employing content you’ve already created for one reason, you might reuse it for another. This process is known as repurposing. You can transform a blog post into an infographic or an interview into a blog post, just as you can transform an old piece of content for new marketing purposes.

A marketing tactic that is useful for numerous reasons is content reuse. It can help you with your internet presence, save you time, and improve your marketing efforts.

Advantages of Content Repurposing

You’ve got enough on your plate as a small business owner already. Here’s why you need to include content repurposing in your marketing strategy.

  • Increasing Your Reach 

Despite the similarities your target audience members may share, their preferences and learning styles are probably going to vary. Some people learn best visually, while others learn best audibly. While some people prefer numbers, others prefer instances. 

Expanding your reach to the various members of your target audience by repurposing information into numerous media forms is a terrific idea.

  • Expand the Range of Your Content

The secret to successful marketing is consistency, but that doesn’t mean you have to utilize the same channel for every campaign. Rather, you should use a variety of media and marketing channels to spread the same idea. You may accomplish consistent messaging across several media by repurposing the same information into a variety of different forms.

  • Boosts time and effort

You may produce more content using the same amount of input while retaining quality if you repurpose your existing content. You may use that time to focus on new marketing strategies and take care of other business-related matters because it saves you time.

How To Repurpose LinkedIn Feeds In Your Marketing? 

1. Embed LinkedIn Feeds on your website

One of the best ways to repurpose LinkedIn feeds on your website is to embed them on your brand website. Your website is a representation of your brand and needs to be presented in the best possible way to get maximum results and exposure.

You can leverage a tool like the Taggbox Widget for the embedding process. It is a tool that lets you collect, curate, and embed LinkedIn feeds in the form of a widget. The users can then use the additional features of the tool to enhance their widget’s performance. They can choose from a wide range of customization options, a content moderation panel, advanced analytics, and a support team to assist users if they encounter any technical issues. 

Overall, this strategy is great and can offer benefits like increased user engagement on the website, building a solid presence of the brand, improving the content quality of the website, etc. 

2. Convert your blog into a video for better engagement

This kind of post can increase your exposure in your audience’s feed since videos often have a greater engagement rate on LinkedIn than graphics do. An easy-to-read post like this one is created by distilling your blog into simpler mediums that can help others relate more like videos.

In actuality, many of the subjects we cover in our writings have been discussed in some form or another before. If our post has something fresh and worthwhile enough for the readers to click through, a brief video can help them make that decision. The secret to writing this kind of post is to condense your writing into a few snappy points that will highlight the most interesting aspects of your content; just a few sentences should do.

3. Repurpose Live videos during events

 Select a coworker who shares your enthusiasm for the subject of your article, share your thoughts and experiences, start a discussion, engage your audience, and make use of live video.

You may interact with your audience in real time by using a live video, which is an excellent tool. It might be one of the most genuine and trustworthy ways to demonstrate your competence. Event engagement is crucial for event professionals and brands. Hence, you need to make sure that your attendees are paying complete attention. By displaying your LinkedIn live in the midst of the event, you will be able to attract their attention and they will be interested in your conversation.

Final Conclusion

Although the content has a lot of value, it can have much more than you realize. Get going now to examine your current content and consider different uses for it. Better still, use this method when producing fresh content so that it will be simpler for you to repurpose in the future.

All the above-mentioned strategies are amazing for repurposing LinkedIn content seamlessly and for enjoying amazing benefits like never before.