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How To Start Trading In The Bitcoin Era New?

Trading in cryptocurrency has become the most popular way to earn a regular profit. Investors from all over the world are trading in this digital currency and earning bags of dollars every month. 

Cryptocurrency is the most complex and complicated commodity in the world to trade. The unpredictable patterns make it a bit more difficult to understand and predict anything about the nearest future. Thanks to the developers who invented auto trading robots such as Bitcoin era new which are helping the beginners as well as experts to earn a confirmed profit with a lower risk. This invention has increased the confidence of investors and that is why the cryptocurrency is achieving the highest ever value. 

Bitcoin Era new is leading the race due to its accuracy and user-friendly nature. The platform has gained immense popularity in a very short time and the number of accounts is increasing every second. Bitcoin Era new is designed with the support of several AI technologies and complex algorithms to analyze the crypto market data with accuracy so that it may predict the next pattern adopt by the crypto market. The platform has a huge win rate of almost 90% which mean almost every trade lock by the platform is a profitable one. 

How to create a Bitcoin Era new account?

Creating a Bitcoin Era new account is not a difficult task and can be done within 10 minutes. If you want to create an account, follow the step-by-step guide below.


To start trading and earning profits, you need to register yourself with the Bitcoin Era new first. To do this, just go to the official website of Bitcoin Era new and fill up the registration form available there. You just have to put in some basic information to get yourself registered. This information includes your full name, email address, country name, and mobile number. After that, lock your account with a strong login password to protect your account details from others. 

Once you completely fill out the form, the platform will verify your detail. This will take hardly two minutes and then you will receive an activation email. 


After receiving the activation email, it’s time to feed up your Bitcoin Era new account with money. You can start trading with a minimum deposit which is $250 only. After investing this amount, you are all set to start trading and earning on regular basis.

Live trading

The default feature of the Bitcoin Era new is “auto-trading” which can be changed afterward. In auto trading, you have to set some up and down parameters and click on start trading. The robot will analyze the market and the value of different cryptocurrencies.

Whenever there will be an opportunity for profit according to your set parameters, the robot will do a trade on your behalf using your invested money to top it up with a profit. The robot works so quickly and locks trade in real-time so that no opportunity of earning will be missed at any cost.

Demo account

To enhance the trading skills of a beginner or to win the confidence of a newcomer to the platform, Bitcoin Era new offers its users to use a demo account for some days without a trial fee. The property of this demo account is you can do trades in the real crypto trading market with the use of virtual coins given to you by the platform. 

In this trial period, your invested amount will be saved and secured, and it will not be affected at all.