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Financial trading on your Mac – things to know

Before you decide to start trading Forex, cryptos, stocks, or any other assets on a macOS, it is essential to know if it’s worth your time and finances. There are a few key aspects you will need to know before joining the apple army. In this article, we will discuss the main characteristics of trading from macOS like expenses, software availability, and many more. 

Pros and cons of macOS

Both macOS and windows offer great software for trading, and almost all trading platforms are available on both systems. If you are a macOS user, there are Tradingview and MetaTrader platforms available. In case you need a guide to install one of the most popular trading platforms, there is a manual for MT4 installation on macOS that covers all the necessary steps. 

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a MacBook? 

Pros of macOS

Lightweight design and long-lasting battery are key specs for the latest MacBooks. They are thin and powerful and enable traders to trade on the go. New M1 cheaps are fast and efficient and should let traders analyze charts all day. 

MacBooks are fast, they can load and run trading software within a minute when turned on. This is not the case in windows, as it often requires more time to load the system. Although this all depends on the user and how well they have optimized their Windows device, macOS got a slight advantage. Since Apple has to develop all software for only a handful of devices, it is much easier and faster when compared to windows. 

Many innovative startups develop software for macOS and iOS, before other devices, especially in the USA. Since the main innovative hardware and software come from the USA, it is sometimes tricky to find windows alternatives for some useful software. Tradingview was first developed for iOS users and then for android and windows. Tradingview is an advanced charting and trading platform offering valuable tools and features that are critical for traders. 

Cons of macOS

There are many new and innovative apps available for iOS and macOS, but the software catalog for windows is vast, and there are much more programs, in general, available for Windows PCs than for Apple devices. Many of the software were developed first for windows and then had to be adapted for Mac users, which can slow down the performance of the software when compared to the windows counterparts. 

MacOS devices are powerful machines for video editing and processing. With the latest generation of M1 cheap, macOS is handling video processing and other creative work with ease. In this regard, macOS is much more powerful, but in trading, most of this power is not necessary.

MacBook and other Apple devices are much more expensive than other brands. This makes it expensive to start trading on macOS. 

Pros and cons of windows

Windows is probably the most well-known and popular operating system in the world by the number of users. There are important pros and cons of using this OS.

Pros of windows

Windows devices are cheaper but sometimes more powerful. You can buy a good windows laptop for less than half of the price of a MacBook. Some gaming laptops are very cheap during Black Friday and other sales days. 

MetaTrader 4 was developed for Windows, and it is easier to install and run when compared to macOS. 

Windows devices are more customizable. It is easy to replace or renew any part including processor, RAM, and storage for Windows PCs or laptops. Therefore, it is cheaper to upgrade the old devices to run modern programs that require high processing power, like MetaTrader 4 and 5. 

More programs to choose from. The number of programs available for windows is higher than for Mac. Mt4 and other popular trading platforms were first developed for windows. Therefore, it is easier to install them on their native OS. 

Almost 76% of worldwide users are using Windows OS. 

Cons of windows

When compared to macOS, windows has more software-related issues and bugs since they have to appeal to a wider audience of different devices. 

Compared to macOS, Windows is less reliable, especially after months of using it. It is easy to connect and use all Apple devices, as Apple has created a user-friendly ecosystem for all of its devices and operating systems.  


In summary, everything comes down to personal preference, since both macOS and windows offer great solutions for trading. Windows got an edge when it comes to a number of desktop programs, and how some of the main trading platforms were designed first for it. macOS shines when it comes to video editing and other creative work, and is more expensive than Windows devices in general. But if you are using macOS, you can start analyzing charts and trading really easily.

So, it is best to stay on your preferred platform and learn how to use it for trading. Although in the beginning there were not many programs for macOS, this has changed lately, especially with the latest advanced software that offers great flexibility for trading, including MT4 and TradingView. 

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