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How To Hire A Face Painting Service For An Event In Philadelphia?

Face painting can be one of the most entertaining things present in an event if we hire the right person to do the job. No matter what occasion it is, if you want everyone to forget themselves and have fun, there is nothing better than a face painting professional being the best at his job! Discover our top tips for hiring a great face painter for your next event. Hiring a face painter is always great fun, and it makes for very memorable pictures. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to know a few tips to help you hire the best face painting professional in Philadelphia.

Get to Know Who Your Audience is

Let’s begin by looking at the guests of the evening you are hiring a professional for face painting in Philadelphia. Your main aim should be to understand the audience and meet their needs. Your to be audience can be divided into three main categories:

Kids, I.e., birthday party

Family, I.e., local town event

Adults, I.e., corporate event

When we speak about face painting, kids and family events are the most common, but you can also book them for adult events like photoshoots.

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How are You Planning to Fit a Face Painter in Your Event Schedule?

In what kind of mood will your visitors be? What effect will face painting have on the mood you intend to create?

Event Size

It’s also  vital to think about how many people will be attending. Allow about 5 minutes for each person as a general rule. That implies a face painter may usually paint up to 12 people in an hour. If you have a larger group, consider hiring a face painter for a longer period of time or employing numerous face painters.

Event Schedule

What are your upcoming events? When is face painting the most appropriate? If you’re throwing a kid’s party, for example, you might want to start with face painting before moving on to other activities. This makes for fantastic pictures throughout the remainder of the event. If you’re planning a family open day event, on the other hand, the face painter will almost certainly need to stay the entire time.

Event Layout

What is the layout of the location (which might be your home)? Is there enough room, or will it be cramped? Where will a face painter be sitting, for example, if you’re hiring one for a child’s birthday party, is there enough area for the youngsters and the face painting table? Face painters, on the other hand, require very little set-up as compared to other types of performers. For their equipment, they usually only have two chairs and a little table.

Ensure to Have a Look at the Portfolio of the Service Provider

It’s always a good idea to observe a face painter in action before scheduling them! This isn’t always feasible, though. The second-best approach is to use photos and videos. If you have no other option, go to their website, find the contact number and ask for a portfolio.

Also, Look For Reviews and Ratings Online

Ideally, you’d like to acquire a personal recommendation. This isn’t always feasible, though. You should instead check for comments and reviews. You may read reviews for all of the entertainers on the internet. Also, don’t be afraid to ask someone you know for their opinion. Check for Facebook reviews, Google reviews, and independent platform reviews as a last resort.

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Ensure to Check For Quality Vetting System

To double-check the quality of the service, we suggest you go through Better Business Bureau and confirm if the service provider has some serious complaints against them. The last thing you want is some serious trouble on the day of the event.

How Much Experience Do They Hold?

Check to see if the face painter you’re hiring has prior experience. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t hire a younger artist; just make sure they’ve done enough work before calling themselves, professionals. Having done prior job roles makes one understand how to carry the job quickly and efficiently.

Are They Available on the Dates That Suit You?

Now that you are well aware of what you want, the next thing should be calling them and asking them general information before booking them. One of the most important questions you should be asking the service provider is if they are available on the dates you wish to book them for. It’s important to ask this beforehand as you don’t want to create last-minute chaos for a thing like this.

With all these tips, you are now all set to book a face painter by yourself. All you have to do is focus on research and looking for the right service provider that suits all your needs. If you can’t find anyone that interests your needs, then you might need to reconsider your choices. So, best of luck with the research, hope you find what you are looking for!

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