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How To Discord Screen Share Not Working! [Fix].


Disunity is a moving application to shape networks with 140 million+ dynamic clients. It is generally utilized for its free and novel elements. This application is significantly utilized by gamers joining different gaming networks to improve their gaming experience.

Yet, frequently Disunity clients have detailed that they movidle have an issue sharing screen to different clients on Conflict. This goes about as an obstacle to their diversion.

Assuming you are additionally confronting a similar issue, go through the whole article to comprehend and fix this Friction issue.

Right off the bat, ensure you empower it accurately:

Go to Settings page > Application settings > select Voice and Video from the left sheet > Look down to Video settings > Select Camcorder.

To check in the event that it is working appropriately, click on the “test video” choice on the right half of the screen and make a preliminary. Friction permits you to share a screen to 9 individuals all at once.

In other case, if you need to share a screen during a video call, in the left side bar, you can see the symbol with an Extend down bolt, tapping on that symbol would grow your screen to most extreme degree.

Assuming that you face a blunder after this, attempt beneath strategies to fix the issue.

Erase the Strife reserve envelope:

Much of the time, erasing the Strife store organizer would fix this mistake. To do this nearby the Disagreement application, right off the bat.

  • Press Windows + R at the same time to open the run order window.
  • Type %appdata% and click on alright to open the meandering envelope.

windows_set_9Right click on the Disunity envelope and erase it. Presently open the Friction application and check assuming its screen share works tunnel rush unblocked.

Add game to Disagreement:

To share your gaming screen, you need to try to add that game to Conflict. Follow these means to make it happen.

Open Disagreement application and the game you need to open. Click on Setting on the left-corner and afterward open Game Action and snap on add it choice.

  • Add game to Dissension
  • Select the game you are playing and snap on add game.

When the game is added, Disunity ought to recognize the screen and you would have the option to utilize screen share easily.

Run as Director:

On the off chance that you can’t share the screen even in the wake of adding a game to the Disagreement, then, at that point, ensure you open both Friction and Game as a Director to give admittance to all consents.

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Disunity Run-as-Executive

To do it, right snap on Disunity symbol and select Run as manager and afterward find the EXE record of the game on your situation, right snap on it and duotrigordle select Run as director. Check whether you are presently ready to share screens.

Switch off most recent innovation to catch screen and Equipment speed increase choices:

Assuming you are as yet confronting issues in sharing screens, attempt with this last fix.

  • Go to settings > Voice and Video tab > Mood killer the “Utilization our most recent innovation to catch your screen”.
  • Switch off most recent innovation to catch screen
  • Furthermore, check in the event that you can share a screen.

On the off chance that not, open the appearance tab in settings and mood killer Equipment speed increase. This aides in the event that you are utilizing a framework with lower details.

  • Conflict Crippled Equipment Speed increase
  • Presently, check assuming your screen share is working.

Re-introduce Disagreement application:

On the off chance that nothing from what was just mentioned fixes work for you, uninstall the Dissension application and yet again introduce it.

Follow these moves toward uninstall:

  • Open the Show order window to squeezing Windows+R keys at the same time and type and click on alright.
  • Select Conflict application from the rundown of projects and highlights. Right snap on it and select Uninstall.
  • Likewise, you want to erase Disunity extra information to totally eliminate it.
  • Type %localappdata% in the run text box to open the neighborhood organizer. Look down to the Disunity choice, right snap on it and select Erase.
  • Correspondingly type %appdata% in the run text box to open the meandering envelope, select the Strife application and erase it.

Restart your framework.

Presently Download Dissension application from their site and reinstall it.


These are the most worked answers for fix Disunity screen share blunder. I accept at this point you ought to have the option to impart your screen to your companions larry bridle. On the off chance that you find this article accommodating, let us in on which fix assisted you in the remark with segment underneath.