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Everything You Need to Know About Personal Alarm Systems for Seniors

Personal Alarm Systems For Seniors

No one ever tells seniors how important it is to have a personal alarm system. It is something that everyone should consider, especially if they are living in a senior home or someone else’s residence. Personal alarm systems for seniors can help keep your elderly residents safe and protected from potential harm.

Not only do these systems provide peace of mind, but they also often come with free monthly service. So what are you waiting for? Get started finding the perfect home security system for your senior citizens today.

Why Personal Alarm Systems Might Be The Answer To Your Safety Concerns

The personal alarm system for seniors is a device that seniors can use to protect themselves from harm. A unique alarm system typically consists of a central monitoring unit, which communicates with an assortment of devices throughout the home, and a set of removable devices (alarms) placed in individual home areas. The warnings are triggered when someone comes into contact with one or more removable devices inside the home, such as a doorknob being turned.

Personal Alarm Systems For Seniors

Personal Alarm Systems For Seniors

The Top Five Benefits Of A Personal Alarm System For Seniors

Some benefits of using personal alarm systems for seniors include:

  • Increased security With a unique alarm system, elderly residents can feel confident that they are being watched. This prevents crime and vandalism, both inside and outside the home.
  • Reduced stress – Having an effective and reliable Personal Alarm System means less stress for elderly residents during their daily lives.
  • Lessened anxiety and insomnia– One of the most common complaints about older adults is their fatigue caused by living with constant worry about potential dangers outside the home. By installing personal alarm systems for seniors, elderly residents can rest assured that they will be alerted should anything happen outside their homes.

How do personal alarm systems work

Personal alarm systems for seniors typically use a central monitoring unit to communicate with devices throughout the home and removable devices to be placed in individual home areas. The central monitoring unit receives signals from the machines located throughout the house, which triggers an alarm for elderly residents when someone comes into contact with one or more of the removable devices.

Tips For Successfully Choosing And Installing A Personal Alarm System For Seniors

Before choosing a personal alarm system for seniors for your senior citizen, choosing the right one for your situation is essential. Besides this, you should make sure the system is well set up, and to help you have an overall better understanding, below are some tips highlighted- 

Installation of Personal Alarm System For Seniors

  1. Sign up for an account with the alarm company to receive monthly notifications and updates on the status of your alarm systems;
  2. Connect all of your devices (smartphones and computers) to the network;
  3. Disable any unnecessary lights and sounds in your home;
  4. Connect both arms of your old-fashioned 2 by 4-inch post to the wall behind your door so detectors can ping when someone tries to break into your home;
  5. Place an outlet at least 12 inches away from any suspicious devices (e.g., TVs or radios);
  6. Place a sensor near each door knob or handle to detect motion;
  7. Set up time limits on when users are allowed access to the home (e.g., overnight guests only);
  8. Use common sense when deciding which sensors should be activated: if there is no noise coming from within the house, then turn off all unnecessary lights; if there is movement within the house but no sound, activate one sensor; if there is both noise and movement inside the house, activate two sensors; etc.;
  9. Be sure that all wires leading from the main electrical panel have been cut so that it can be easily connected with the devices to the new alarm system;
Personal Alarm Systems For Seniors

Personal Alarm Systems For Seniors


At the end of the day, seniors should consider a personal alarm system to keep their homes safe and secure. There are many different personal alarm systems for seniors, so choosing the one best suited for your needs is essential. Install the alarm system properly to keep it running smoothly. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your alarm system will be a success.

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