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Essential Morning Skincare Routine for Singaporeans During Humid and Hot Climate

With summer around the corner, Singaporeans should brace their skins, ready to take on the weather. While Singapore might not experience four seasons like other continents, it does experience a hot and humid climate for some months. Singaporeans are especially susceptible to various skin diseases attributed to light skin and hot weather.

Your physical conditions can also affect your skin by alternating hot and humid outdoors with dry and cold-conditioned offices and homes. Fortunately, a morning skincare routine can go a long way in protecting you from unforgiving sun and heat glare throughout the day. Here is a guide to the morning skincare routine for Singaporeans.

  1. Cleanse the skin

The first-morning skincare procedure should start by removing sebum, oil, and other skin impurities with a cleanse. Keep in mind that the climate is hot so opt for natural and gentle cleanses that are not very harsh on your skin. You should also take care not to over scrub your skin because it can scrape the skin surface and cause irritation. So, ensure to go for the best facial cleansers available.

  1. Preparation

The next step is preparing your skin before you apply other skin products. Hot and humid conditions can cause the skin pores to enlarge and become irritated. Select a skin toner that hydrates and helps your skin cool down during this hot climate.

  1. Treat the skin

In this step, you should apply lightweight serums but sufficiently hydrating for your skin. Moisturizing serums are highly recommendable because you lose a lot of moisture throughout the day due to the hot and humid weather. You can check out if you are unsure about the best skin treatment products designed for Asian skin. The serum treatment will offer plenty of moisture for your skin to last throughout the day.

  1. Moisturize

As a result of hot and humid weather, you should get a lightweight moisturizer, most preferably a gel-based moisturizer, to be quickly absorbed into the skin. The gel-like texture is light and smooth for the skin while giving you the proper protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Creamy and thick moisturizers might feel sticky and uncomfortable in the hot weather.

  1. Protect

The final step of your morning skincare routine is protecting the skin. Most Singaporeans skip this step, but dermatologists say it is essential to protect your skin from the weather with sunscreen. Whether indoors or outdoors, sunscreen will help block the harmful Ultraviolet rays that activate free radicals in your skin.


That’s it! These morning skincare routine steps will be enough for you to protect your skin from the unforgiving sun glare and hot weather. If you don’t undertake a good morning skincare routine, you will be more likely to develop skin conditions such as pigmentation, skin dehydration, eczema, and skin rashes. But in case you have developed any skin condition, seek good services from a Singapore skincare professional to regain your smooth and good-looking skin before it becomes severe.

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