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Diploma of Information Technology How Help to Make Careers 

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Diploma of Information Technology uses computers and storage devices to create, store, share, and secure electronic data. This field is in high demand due to the many IT services available across all industries. IT degrees prepare students for lucrative careers in IT departments or consulting firms. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2015, the median annual salary for IT jobs was $81,430. Learn about IT careers, including the types and degrees required to obtain employment.

What does a career in IT entail?

It covers a broad range of network and computer support services required by all organizations and companies, especially in manufacturing, government, and business. Diploma of Information Technology professionals are network administrators and security analysts. They manage hardware and software systems and solve technical problems. Businesses also employ IT professionals, to help with cloud computing because more data is stored offsite. Associate degree programs teach the concepts and language of computers. Bachelor’s degrees prepare students to work in entry-level or mid-level IT positions.

A career in IT: IT degree and Career

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree is essential for IT professionals. Although there are many IT majors, computer science and information systems are the most common. Students can become IT specialists by combining a foundation in science, engineering, mathematics, and engineering with coursework in data management, programming languages, data structures, and numerical analysis.

Students will have to compete with IT-experienced students for jobs after graduation. Even though it isn’t a requirement of any IT degree program, looking for an internship is a good idea. There are many IT degree programs available, so prospective students need to ensure that they choose an accredited school with a high ranking.

Get IT certification

While certification is not required for professional purposes, it can help you stand out among other candidates by demonstrating your skills and experience to potential employers. Many companies require that their IT specialists know the software products used by their vendors. CompTIA and vendors can either directly offer certification to IT professionals. In most cases, certification can be earned by passing a credentialing examination.

Get an advanced degree.

Many computer support specialists can move to higher-level roles after a few years of experience in the field, such as network administrators, computer systems administrators, or upper-level management. You can also move into sales or other areas of the company. IT professionals can qualify for advancement by obtaining a master’s degree. They may choose to work for themselves as IT consultants.

Find the right IT degree program.

It is a broad field that has many specialties. Students have many choices for quality education, whether they are interested in traditional on-campus or accredited online programs. The table below provides information on each degree level for those pursuing a Cert 4 IT career.

Although I believe an IT degree is the best path, I worry that my busy work schedule and personal responsibilities will prevent me from pursuing a traditional IT degree. I want to find an online program with flexible scheduling that is accredited.

IT Degree Levels

Many programs online can lead to an associate, bachelor, or advanced degree in IT. Each level has many career options, from entry-level work to IT consulting. Students should think about their goals before choosing an IT degree program. Below are details about each type of IT degree.

Associate Degree in IT

The two-year associate degree program is for students interested in IT. It offers database concepts, programming languages, security, networking, and operating systems courses. Some schools offer an Associate of Science in IT Administration, while others offer an Associate of Applied Science with a focus on IT Support. Students can get jobs as support staff personnel, computer technicians, or beginning programmers after graduation. A four-year IT degree can be obtained for those who wish to continue their education.

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