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Creative Ways to Use Titan Decking in Your Residential Outdoor Design

If you want something unique to elevate your residential outdoor design, look no further than Titan Decking. This barefoot-friendly dock decking material is strong, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.

It stays cool even in extreme temperatures and is UV protected to minimize fading. It also meets most US government regulations for open areas and light penetration. Learn how you can use titan decking in your residential design.

Use it for a Pool Deck

Pool decks can make a big difference in the look and feel of a backyard. They provide a place for family and friends to lounge in the sun, have a snack, or relax. They also help to protect your pool and the surrounding area from the elements.

You can choose from various materials to create your dream pool deck. Titan Deck is the answer if you are looking for ways to make your residential outdoor design stand out. These are beautiful and can be made in a variety of different colors. Moreover, they are porous, which makes them ideal for swimming pool decks because they help with slippage.

Use it for a Patio

A dock or pier is an essential part of any waterfront property. It provides a place to anchor your boat, cast a line, and hang out with family and friends. Titan Decking is a good way to upgrade an old dock while improving your home’s curb appeal and property values.

Titan Decking combines the long-lasting and weatherproof look of polypropylene (the strongest plastic known to man) with the durability of aluminum. This proprietary blend of two high-tech materials produces a board that outlasts the average wood dock by a large margin.

Despite its strength and longevity, it remains lightweight and low maintenance. The secret to its durability is the patented fusion process, which bonds polypropylene and aluminum.

This composite material is then heat treated to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape for decades. The best part is that if you ever decide to move, the boards are easy to remove and store away.

Use it for a Stairway

A staircase can add a touch of class to your home’s exterior design while also serving as an accessible and functional element. Whether you’re building an elevated deck or a walkout basement, a stairway can provide a sense of cohesion to your space and a place for guests to access it safely.

If you’re designing a custom staircase for your outdoor living area, it’s important to plan the layout and build it with consideration. You’ll need to account for stair rise and tread width, and you may need to choose between railings or a handrail for additional safety.

When choosing a stair tread material, remember that the material you choose can impact its durability and appearance. For example, composite materials like wood and plastic can be prone to warping and splintering if you’re not careful.

The treads on your stairs should be wide enough to allow you to walk up comfortably and down them without putting too much strain on your feet. Treads should also be thick enough to handle the weight of your shoes or bare feet and not tear easily.

A Titan Decking stair landing is another important consideration for any stairway, especially when attached to the deck framing. The landing pad should be a solid, flat surface that won’t slip or fall, and it’s usually best to use a concrete pad rather than a softwood or plastic pad.

Use it for a Bar

A dock, boat pier, or waterway can make any waterfront property more inviting to visitors and neighbors alike. Whether you like to entertain outdoors, play host to parties, or have an active family lifestyle, a well-designed and properly maintained waterfront space can be the centerpiece of your homestead.

One of the best ways to enhance your waterway is to upgrade your existing decking to a durable, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly marine material that will withstand years of abuse and weather. Titan Decking is a sturdy, 100% polypropylene plastic marine decking system that will last for generations. It can be installed in a matter of minutes without needing a crane or heavy lifting.

The company also produces the sexiest octave meter, a high-end version of its plastic dock boards with a nifty knurled surface that keeps your feet dry even in the rain. A clever design enables the company to use recycled marine-grade materials to produce this high-performance product line. 

The result is a superior deck that looks and feels like real wood. Its insulating properties help keep your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The product is available in various colors and finishes to suit any outdoor space.

Use it for a Walkway

A walkway is the perfect place for you and your family to relax, enjoy the beauty of your outdoor living space, and create lasting memories. Titan Decking is the ultimate material for walkways and dock systems, enhancing their appearance, durability, and safety.

Titan Decking is a barefoot-friendly, skid-resistant surface that can be easily modified to fit any deck shape. This durable, virtually maintenance-free decking stays cool even in extreme temperatures and is UV protected to minimize fading. It’s also great for gangways and stairways on commercial boat piers and marinas.

It’s manufactured in individual boards that can be installed board by the board or assembled to make panels for easier installation and removal at the beginning and end of each season. 

They are made to last a lifetime and come with a limited 12-year warranty. They are also lightweight and less expensive than wood or other polymer decking. When you’re ready to resurface your walkway, consider Titan Decking. You’ll be glad you did!

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