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Weld-On Plumbing Cements Vs. Solvent-Based Cements – Which One is Right for You?

Solvent-based cements – or PVC glue, pipe glue, cement glue, and plumbers glue – bind plastic pipes and fittings together at the molecular level. This process is called a solvent weld and creates long-lasting, leak-free connections.

The first step to creating a perfect solvent weld is choosing the right type of cement for your application. You’ll need cement compatible with the plastic pipes you’re joining.

Weld-On’s Strength

Welding is an effective way to join materials together, and it can be a very beneficial tool for your business. However, you should be aware that welding can be dangerous if done incorrectly. That’s why you need to ensure that the material you use for your welding is strong enough to withstand the pressures it will encounter.

It’s also important to know that the strength of a weld depends on many different factors, including the type of material it’s made from and the welding process used. For instance, a welding process like Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) will produce an extremely strong weld that can withstand some serious pressures.

Another factor that contributes to a weld’s strength is its flexibility. Ductility measures how much a material can stretch and flex under tension or strain. It is an important factor in welding, as it can prevent the material from cracking or breaking altogether.

You can determine a welding’s ductility by performing certain tests. These tests include micro hardness, bent test, and tensile testing.

Weld-On Plumbing Cements from are one of the strongest products on the market. Their strength is that they’re formulated with high-quality ingredients. They also have a very fast curing time, so you can expect your joints to be strong within just a few hours of applying them. They’re also water-resistant and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

It’s Easy to Use

Weld-On offers a range of solvent cements designed to make pipe jointing easy. The liquid adhesives and solvent cements soften and fuse pipes and fittings at the molecular level to create a strong, lasting joint. 

The adhesives are available in various strengths and can be applied with brushes, syringes, or sprays. In addition, Weld-On has a selection of applicator tools to help ensure the best application possible.

The Weld-On line of solvent cements is also available in an Industrial Grade product designed for more severe abrasion and wear conditions. Its strength is greater than our standard products, and it has better chemical resistance.

Weld-On offers a wide selection of products to meet all your plumbing and plastic welding needs. Weld-On products are preferred by contractors worldwide and are recognized for their industry-leading strength and ease of use. These products include primers and adhesive cleaners as well as solvent cements.

It’s Safe

Regarding plumbing, you need strong connections between pipes and fittings that will last. Solvent-based cements are a great way to achieve this. They bind pipe and fittings at the molecular level to create a high-contact, long-lasting joint.

Weld-On offers a wide selection of solvent cements to suit various applications. They are a preferred choice of contractors worldwide because they offer industry-leading strength and ease of use.

Weld-On 735 Wet ‘N Fast PVC Solvent Cement is a heavy-bodied, medium relative set time PVC pipe cement with good gap filling properties. It is used for all classes and schedules of rigid and flexible PVC, including foam core DWV (drain, waste, and vent).

The quick setting of this cement means it is ideal for wet environments that may require quick pressurization. This formula is designed specifically for the plumbing industry but can also be used in irrigation, pool, spa, and other applications where quick pressurization is desired.

This CPVC solvent cement has several strengths, making it easy to find the one that is right for you. Choose from our heavy bodied, medium bodied, or extra heavy bodied CPVC cement to do the job quickly and safely.

It’s Versatile

A preferred choice of contractors worldwide, Weld-On solvent cements fuse pipes and fittings at the molecular level to create durable, high-contact, and long-lasting joints. Weld-On PVC, ABS, and CPVC solvent cements are available in various strength levels to meet your needs.

Weld-On 782 PVC Plumbing Solvent Cement is perfect for mid- to large-diameter piping systems with a heavy-bodied viscosity and good gap-filling properties. It’s also excellent for DWV systems, electrical conduits, and foam core pipes.

The versatility of Weld-On solvent cements is why contractors trust them worldwide. With a wide variety of options, you can be sure to find the right product for your application.

Weld-On PVC, ABS, and CPVC solvent cements are ideal for use on plumbing systems and on irrigation, pool, and spa systems. They are also useful for water treatment and chemical plants. 

In addition, Weld-On solvent cements are environmentally responsible and LEED Compliant. Their low fumes and odor make them a great choice for plumbers who want to make the job more comfortable for themselves and those around them.

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