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Best Juicy Smash Burgers in the UK: Restaurant Secret Recipe

Smash Burgers

If you love enjoying fast foods, especially burgers at weekends, you must like it rich, cheesy and juicy. While many people like cheeseburgers, nothing can replace the taste of a smashed juicy burger, which can take the happy meal to the next level. The smashed burger means more flavours and more fun. But how do these top UK restaurants make their best smash burgers? Let’s unveil the secret here in this guide. Here you will get to know about the secret recipe restaurants use to make juicy smash burgers.

The Best Smash Burgers in the UK

You might have come across famous restaurants that make unbeatable burgers. The burger meals Stockport and many other areas of the UK are common as most people, including kids like burgers. The reason behind the popularity of burgers is the variety of flavours and filling options. These famous restaurants use the right beef with the right size and the best sauce. Their patty grilling techniques make their burger juicy, soft and yummiest, which many people don’t know about. Here, you will know all the best tips and tricks you can use to make a smash burger at home.

Cooking Smash Burger

To cook your perfect smash burger, you need to make sure you have all the required ingredients and equipment. Now if you have all the required ingredients, let’s know how to make a perfect restaurant-style smash burger.

Perfect Beef Patty

  1. If you want to make your smash burger worth the effort, you need to put in enough dedication while making your patty. A perfectly grilled beef patty is the most important part of the smash burger. You need to start with the cold beef as the warmed-up beef separates the fat, which can make the patty tough and sticky when cooked. The cold beef will keep the patty juicy and flavourful, so keep this important step into consideration.
  2. To make the best smash burger, you need to use good quality beef with a higher percentage of fat. Using lean meat with less fat will turn your patty dry and make your burger tough. Enough fats in meat will keep the patty juicy and soft after being cooked.
  3. The second step is to take the right quantity of beef to make the perfectly sized patty. The best restaurants make their smash burgers using same-sized patties that are not too big. Pressed down flat patty will give you more flavour.
  4. Make a ball shape from the beef since you are going to smash it anyways. So, no need to put enough time into making a perfect circle. After preparing your beef and making balls, put them in the fridge till it’s time to cook.

Buns for Smash Burger

  1. The buns used for the smash burger are also important since buns make a difference. You need a bun that can handle the patties well. So, make sure to use fresh buns that are soft and fluffy.
  2. It’s better to toast the buns so they don’t get soggy before placing the patties. A few seconds of toasting on the hot griddle is enough.

Let’s Cook

  1. Use the griddle surface when it is really hot. Test the temperature of the surface by sprinkling water on it. to get the maximum heat exposure, don’t grease the griddle surface.
  2. Drop the beef ball on the griddle surface and leave enough room for each patty to be pressed out. Press with a flat spatula and let the patties sizzle for a few seconds.
  3. Smash the patty as hard as possible so you can get a perfectly flat, delicious patty.
  4. Let the patty cook for a few minutes and don’t flip them until the edges are crispy.
  5. Right after flipping the patty, put a cheese slice on top of it. after a few seconds, place the patty on the bun.

Prepare the Smash Sauce

  1. Yellow mustard sauce with mayo is the best sauce for your Smash burger. Use whole-grain mustard and add mayonnaise to mellow down the boldness of the mustard.
  2. Spread the sauce on both the top and bottom bun to enjoy the most flavour.
  3. You can add a splash of Worcestershire sauce for extra savouriness.  
  4. A few drops of pickle juice is also a good option to get the traditional smash burger sauce.
  5. You can add ketchup if you like. Enjoy!

Bottom line:

Making the best smash burger is not difficult if you know the important tips and tricks restaurants use for making their burgers. Making burgers allow you to experiment with a variety of burger toppings, sauces and flavours. Make your burger the way you like it. Now that you know the perfect method to cook your patty, and secret sauce, go and make a perfect smash burger for dinner.

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