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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Toronto

As we all know, Toronto is the culinary paradise where a vibrant food scene awaits to excite your taste buds with delicious food. Toronto is famous for its extensive culture and rich culinary tradition; it boasts an inspiring array of eateries that cater to every appetite and preference.

 From expensive fine dining hotels to cosy hidden gems and meat lovers to vegan restaurants in Toronto, this bustling Canadian metropolis has something special to offer every food enthusiast. So get ready as we are going to dig into city’s culinary landscape, find out the Top 10 best restaurants that have caught the attention of locals and tourists.

 Whether you’re looking for modern dishes crafted by Michelin-starred chefs or craving a taste of genuine world-class cuisine, Toronto’s restaurants are all set to elevate your dining experience. Get ready to indulge in a delightful fusion of flavours and explore the best Toronto’s dining scene offers. Bon appétit!

  • Antler Kitchen & Bar:

Rating:  4.8/5

About the Restaurant: Antler Kitchen & Bar become a popular choice among locals due to its game meat and wild delights. This Restaurant is the latest addition to the ‘forest to table’ theme. The co-owner chef and all-time hunter, Michael Hunter, brilliantly designed them. This eatery stays true to its rustic roots. Here you can find a menu that caters to meat lovers and vegetarians hence the best vegan Restaurant in Toronto. Antler serves original Canadian cuisine with appetizers, i.e., Spice Ash Crusted Rack of Deer, Pappardelle with steamed rabbit Pastas, Game Burgers prepared with Wild Boar, Deer and Bison and other mouthwatering food items. Vegetarians must try their signature wild mushroom tarte tatin, potato gnocchi, sweet potato gyoza and spring onion.

Speciality: Chef’s speciality is spice ash-crusted deer frame with hot spices, i.e. cinnamon, served on torn shoulder meat and delicious creamy parsnip puree. 

Ambience: The dining area is designed with minimalist decor, i.e. exposed brick walls, log piles, wooden pews and chairs, natural wall art on walls, cosy environment. 

  • Scaramouche Restaurant:

Rating:  4.7/5

About the Restaurant: Scaramouche offers modern cuisine in mid-town with a skyline view. The Restaurant has consistently served quality fresh food for over 35 years. Two restaurants are running under one roof. There is a separate pasta bar, and on the other side, there is a grill and contemporary cuisine area. The chef/owner of Scaramouche is Keith Froggett, a British man. The menu has various cuisines, from appetizers to main courses and desserts, even though they have multiple options for vegetarians. At Scaramouche, you can have a lux wine list with organic and biodynamic varieties. 

Speciality: Rack of lamb, Sea Scallops, Fettucine pasta, Ontario Lamb Saddle, Quebec Chicken, Fillet Mignon, European Sea Bass and so on.

  • Edulis: 

Rating:  4.7/5

About Restaurant: 

A couple owns Edulis. The ambience and food at Edulis give a home-like feeling. Edulis exclusively focuses on seafood, seasonal ingredients and quick service, undoubtedly performing well. Your food can be customized as per your preference. The best part about this Restaurant is it promotes traditional cooking and feasting. The menu may alter as per the season. As far as beverages are concerned, the champagne and wine menu is magnificently wide. 

Speciality: West Coast Porgini, Giant, Portuguese squid, Ontario Pea Veloute. 

  • Alo Restaurant:

Rating:  4.6/5

About Restaurant: Previously Alo was a dress shop and modelling agency, but now this Restaurant has been transformed into one of Toronto’s most amazing fine dining spots, famous for its Michelin-worthy service. Alo was launched in 2015 by chef and co-owner Patrick Kriss; it began as a striving tasting-menu-only place that serves classic yet playful French cuisine prepared with careful attention to presentation.

Speciality:  Signature dishes include Quebec foie gras, chestnut, watercress, Treviso and black truffle puree—Burgundy snails with parsley and more.

Ambience: With sophisticated brass fixtures and smoked mirrors, the ambience shows elegance.

  • George Restaurant:

Rating:  4.6/5

About Restaurant:  At this popular fine dining place, patrons can expect an ambience as impressive and attractive as Chef Lorenzo Loseto’s inventive ‘Toronto Cuisine.’ Prepare to enjoy the essence of the city’s markets, where seasonal, natural, local, and sustainable ingredients grab all attention. Enjoy heavenly food on unique style crockery, a delicious menu, the best vegan restaurants in Toronto, many options for vegan and gluten-free dinners and an isolated garden patio with a cosy environment perfect for elevating your summer dining.

Speciality: The chef adds his wisdom to almost every single item, George must try menu includes beef ribeye, halibut with spätzle, and wild boar, and for sweet treats, they serve mouthwatering chocolate mousse, lemon tart, pistachio blondie 

  • Byblos: 

Rating:  4.5/5

About the Restaurant: Byblos offers Eastern Mediterranean food with both seasonal and traditional ingredients. With classic and modern methods and techniques, dishes are made with regional-specific spices and flavours, giving a glimpse of Eastern Mediterranean eats from Turkey, Greece, Israel, and Morocco. Hence it is the latest yet most expensive dine-in spot.

Speciality: Menu highlights have crispy squid, Spanish octopus, saffron and herbs, hand-rolled couscous, black truffle, pipes and so on. 

  • Canoe Restaurant & Bar:

Rating:  4.5/5

About Restaurant: Canoe located at the city’s financial center, this gem serves melt-in-your-mouth Canadian cuisine with special wine and an amazing view of the whole city and most significantly Lake Ontario. You can enjoy the view from the 54th floor. Canoe was started in 1995; the main alliance of this eatery are farmers and suppliers, supply fresh and best quality ingredients and serving best à la carte and savouring menus. 

Speciality: Its most special menu includes B.C. Skate and Octopus. The Cerf de Boileau venison, gin-cured duck breast, Alberta lamb saddle.

  • Kiin:

Rating:  4.4/5

About the Restaurant: The owner of Kiin is Nuit Regular and Jeff Regular. Kiin is one of the most remarkable Thai restaurants in the world. The food serves impressively, and the taste of the food is also unbeatable. Here you can find royal Thai-inspired dishes with the use of fresh seasonal ingredients to make dishes with slight and complex flavours. 

Speciality:  Yum Tua Plu, Crab curry, Gaeny Boombai, Thoong Thong, Som Thom Thai and many more main courses available to give you the essence of Thai cuisine. 

Ambience: The design and overall ambience is inspired by the lush landscape and the colonial-inspired architect of Thailand


Rating:  4.3/5

About the Restaurant: Louix Louis offers amazing views and brunch options. The ambience is magnificent. The double-storey high Grand Bar is inspired by Toronto’s culture. The centre of attention is restaurant walls with the mural “Bouquet of Whisky “, and Madison Van Rijin painted them, taking inspiration from a glass of Canadian Whisky. 

Speciality:  Royal brunch menu is a yummy treat for food lovers, must try menu has lobster avocado toast, crepes, filet mignon and much more. Also, a real work of art is their 13-layer chocolate cake that would satisfy your sweet craving in a few bites.

  • The Elm Tree Restaurant

Rating:  4.3/5

About the Restaurant: The emphasis at this relaxed yet elegant newcomer goes beyond just the food, as the loaded bar also showcases an array of craft beers. The Elm tree’s menu are inspired with Mediterranean and contemporary European cuisine at most inexpensive prices, and it’s a spot that has something for everyone, even for vegetarians, since it’s one of the vegan restaurants in Toronto.

Speciality:  Appetizers include ratatouille, beef carpaccio, grilled octopus, and pan-seared scallops. The main course includes duck confit, lamb shank, rack of lamb and more. For vegetarians, they have crispy Brussels sprouts, roasted zucchini, fried cauliflower and so on.

Ambience: The ambience shows a welcoming and cosy feel with its matador art, bare brick walls, wooden floors, and rustic atmosphere.


Toronto’s culinary landscape is a treasure trove of amazing dining experiences, and the Top 10 best restaurants represent the city’s passion for cuisine. From the innovative ‘forest-to-table’ concept to the classic-but-playful French cuisine, these eateries have gained popularity over time. Whether you crave fine dining elegance or a cosy homely vibe, Toronto’s diverse food scene caters to all tastes and preferences.

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