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8 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

These days, almost every business wants to provide its users with an improved mobile app experience. And for this, it is very important to choose the right framework for developing engaging mobile apps. There are many mobile app development frameworks available, one of which is React Native. 

React Native is the popular framework and the first choice of mobile app developers. This blog will explain the 8 reasons to use React Native for mobile app development. So, let’s get started. 

8 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development 

The following are the reasons why you should use React Native for mobile app development. 

1. Fast App Development 

React Native’s noteworthy features include agility, faster app development, and offering an overall nice user experience. It gives users a more intuitive experience. The same code may be readily deployed on both the iOS and Android platforms, resulting in a shorter development cycle. 

As a result, development time and expense are reduced. The adoption of React Native reduces development efforts significantly without reducing app quality or productivity.

2. Offers Cross-Platform Development 

React Native enables you to utilize the same code for both Android and iOS applications. As a result, it produces an identical performance result with no further adjustments. 

You may create a mobile application for your type of business in no time. Different languages such as JAVA, Swift, C++, and others are no longer needed.

You can hire mobile app developer India to create mobile apps using React Native. 

3. Hot Reloading 

React Native includes a hot reloading capability that enables developers to work rapidly with modifications to code. It also improves the loading time of the application. 

When updates are made, the live functionality automatically reloads the whole app. Hot reloading, on the other hand, reloads only a specific portion of the modification. 

As a result, the development and testing processes are more manageable. Hot reloading simplifies and speeds up as well as improves the efficiency of application development.

4. Build Stable and High-Performance Apps 

For its codebase, React Native employs a reduced binding strategy. To change one object, you must first change its state before applying changes. This will allow you to create a more stable and dependable application than other cross-platform development approaches.

React Native is an amazing solution for building a new mobile app from scratch. It works well, though, for introducing a single view or user flow to current native apps. 

You can add new React Native-based features, views, screens, and so on in only a few steps. Furthermore, React Native displays code via native APIs instead of Webview. As a result, it assists you in delivering higher-performing apps.

5. Third-Party Plugins 

There are numerous reusable libraries for React Native available online. And this figure will grow over time. Building an app from scratch, especially with an original software basis, can take a significant amount of time and money.

This obstacle can be avoided by reusing some of the current components. This is where third-party plugins come in. As per the best android app development company, you don’t need to employ special Web View functions with these third-party plugins. 

Leveraging React Native, the plugin can be connected to a native module. There are several methods for connecting the processes. These choices contribute to smoother operation and faster loading. It also aids with memory management.

6. Easy to Debug

Bug detection becomes much easier with a single codebase for both iOS and Android. That is a great relief. If you approach any developer, they will tell you that debugging is a tedious task. 

It’s because the testers must work for hours to pinpoint the precise moment at which the developer made a syntax error. With React Native in place, your team won’t have to spend numerous hours working on two separate codebases. 

This is due to the fact that a single bug fix will eliminate the bugs from every other operating system as well. As a result, you will be able to offer consistent service across platforms.

7. Rich UI 

React Native makes use of the React JavaScript library to create application interfaces that are lightning-fast and instantaneous. It supports rendering and has a component-based strategy, making it straightforward to construct both simple and complex UI-focused designs.

8. Developer Availability 

One important reason to utilize React Native is the wide developer community and availability. Because React Native is supported by Facebook, it has a large online community. 

Facebook programmers are constantly improving the platform, which maintains its relevance. JavaScript has enabled the development of various professionals who can create React Native apps. 

Because of JavaScript’s maturity and wide range of applications, novice programmers can master the language in a shorter period of time.

Popular Apps Developed by Using React Native 

Some popular apps that have been developed using React Native framework are: 

1. Facebook 

With 2.9 billion monthly active members, Facebook is one of the most prominent social networking platforms in the world. 

According to the best mobile app development company developers used React Native to build both the Android and iOS apps, and they also used React Native Development for their Ads Manager app. 

All of their apps are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

2. Pinterest 

Pinterest is a social media website that emphasizes collaboration. The purpose of this platform is to exchange and share ideas in the form of films and photographs. Many people began to share these thoughts using mobile phones. 

This is why Pinterest opted to use React Native. The iOS implementation took ten days to finish. It took an additional two days to transfer the screen to Android. This allowed them to cut implementation time by more than a week.

3. Tesla 

Tesla has created a name for itself and a big market valuation by selling electric automobiles and their components. It was only natural for Tesla to keep up its success by using React Native for app development when creating its Tesla app. 

The application allows owners of electric vehicles and Powerwall batteries to monitor the functioning of these technologies. They can efficiently control their EVs using their cell phones thanks to the app and the additional capabilities that Reactive Native provides.

Wrapping Up 

When it comes to cross-platform mobile application development, React Native is the whole package. It aids with the building of robust and high-quality apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. So, you can hire a reputable React Native app development company to meet your mobile app development demands.

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