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Why You Should Invest in a FreeSWITCH Billing Solution

FreeSWITCH Billing Solution

Technology streamlines processes for organizations and accelerates workflow. Modern technological advancements have made it possible to improve operations across the board, from making calls to managing a customer support team to even billing clients. The FreeSWITCH billing system is one of the most significant technological advancements made by the best VoIP development companies for wholesale and retail VoIP service providers.

In this blog, we will all discuss the benefits of FreeSWITCH billing solutions for your business. 

What Is FreeSWITCH

FreeSWITCH is a program that operates on one or more servers and offers WebRTC, video, and VoIP for real-time communication. Linux, Windows, macOS, and FreeBSD servers, as well as FreeBSD, support FreeSWITCH. Building and developing PBX systems, IVR services, video conferencing platforms, collaboration stations with chat and screen sharing, Session Border Controllers (SBCs), and voice gateways are all possible with FreeSWITCH. It serves as the main building block of many commercially available IP PBX server appliances that are FreeSWITCH-based.

It is not a ready-to-deploy solution in and of itself, much like its older, more distant cousin Asterisk, but rather a modular software component that houses the core intelligence for these VoIP-based systems to function.

What Is FreeSWITCH Billing Solution

It is a comprehensive solution, or collection of keys, integrated into a single platform to assist in tracking each customer’s use of the software and billing them in accordance with that use. A feature-rich FreeSWITCH Billing system can satisfy many business requirements, including managing clients, DID numbers, calling card software, tracking software usage, generating reports, billing clients, and accepting payments.

A FreeSWITCH Billing platform created using FreeSWITCH technology is referred to as a FreeSWITCH billing solution. With its cutting-edge features, this FreeSWITCH solution introduces partial and complete automation.

Due to the software’s adaptability, you may use it for wholesale and retail VoIP businesses. You can use either a commercial or an open-source FreeSWITCH Billing solution with this program. You can choose the billing system in accordance with several considerations.

What Are The Key Features Of A FreeSWITCH Billing Solution

A wholesale or retail billing system’s outstanding features are one of the most important factors in a company’s decision to adopt one. In addition to automating billing and invoicing, it also aids in handling several business issues in the VoIP sector. The firm may greatly profit from this. The following are the key features offered in a FreeSWITCH VoIP billing system that is feature-rich:

  • Real-time billing
  • Tariff/ rate card management
  • Prepaid and postpaid billing support
  • SIP account management
  • Subscription and package management
  • VAT accounting
  • DID number management
  • MVNO business support
  • Time zone support
  • Route management
  • Calling card software
  • Price list management
  • Codec management
  • Reseller and customer management
  • Switch management
  • Reports and more

Managing various tasks in a firm requires all of these features. As a result, even though it is referred to as a VoIP billing solution, it has numerous uses.

Understanding The Benefits Of A FreeSWITCH Billing Platform

A professional VoIP provider can assist you in managing your VoIP services and offer you a range of client communication options. It involves providing resources that facilitate tasks for the staff or clients of your business. Here are a few advantages:

  1. Control Your Phone Calls: Whether incoming or outgoing, a FreeSWITCH Billing system is an excellent method to keep track of your phone conversations. Each call’s price will be within your control, allowing you to keep under your allocated spending limit.

  2. Monitor Employee Use: A FreeSWITCH Billing solution is beneficial if several employees utilize phones in your business. You can monitor how long each employee spends on calls and the kinds of calls they make the most frequently. Increase productivity overall and allocate resources more effectively in your company using this information.
  3. Save Money: One of the main advantages of utilizing a FreeSWITCH Billing service is the ability to save money. These programs allow access to exclusive offers from your service provider and assist you in monitoring calls and setting spending limits. These offers might save you hundreds of dollars per month on your bills!
  4. Generate Reports: To access crucial data about your company, many FreeSWITCH Billing solution providers offer reports. For instance, you could produce a report that displays your overall spending over a specific time frame. You might also be interested in learning how many minutes were used during peak versus off-peak times. No matter what kind of report you require, your FreeSWITCH Billing solution likely has one.
  5. Transfer Records: You can move records if you switch providers, which is another advantage of FreeSWITCH Billing software. Transferring records prevents data loss between businesses, saving you from starting over from scratch.

  6. Manage Multiple Numbers: If your business has multiple locations, managing them can be easier with assistance. Thankfully, a FreeSWITCH Billing solution allows businesses to manage multiple numbers from one place, making life much easier for managers and owners alike. 

With so many advantages associated with using a FreeSWITCH Billing solution, it’s no wonder why more and more businesses are turning to these services every day.

VoIP Billing Software: Its Value

Several soft-switch providers need billing systems in the current VoIP industry. They may have a charging solution, but it only has a few functionalities. Often, call-center software does not have a billing function.

The FreeSWITCH billing software benefits the VoIP industry in the following ways:

  • The admin can cross-check the minutes used by their agents thanks to the billing module.
  • The Billing Module aids in comparison and problem-solving when VoIP providers have overcharged or engaged in fraudulent billing.
  • VoIP providers and wholesalers can benefit from consolidating data, such as various pricing tables and routes, using VoIP billing software.
  • The billing software can make bill multiple consumers easier by providing flexible billing periods.

How To Set up A FreeSWITCH Billing Platform For Your Business

You’ll need to know your options and how to use them to set up billing for your new company. While other billing options are available, if you want to remain competitive today, look for a VoIP provider focusing on cloud-based options.

Detailed customer reports, call reporting, auto-billing reminders, credit card processing capabilities, and other services are all things that a reputable FreeSWITCH Billing provider would provide. Finding a trustworthy company that has been in business for at least five years is crucial when selecting a VoIP service provider.

You want to avoid taking a chance with an unreliable service that can damage the reputation of your business or hurt your bottom line. It’s time to start setting up billing for your new company once you have located a VoIP software supplier that satisfies all of your requirements.

Get Custom FreeSWITCH Billing Solution For Scalability

One of the most crucial facets of telecom administration is VoIP billing, and having a suitable solution in place is essential to ensuring your company works effectively. Understanding how it functions and choosing the best VoIP billing system for your company will help ensure that your telecom costs are handled effectively and consistently. A custom FreeSWITCH billing solution can ensure that your business is on a solid footing and help you manage your business billing structure efficiently.

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