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Why You Need a Facebook Ads Audit

If you’re like many advertisers and marketers, you monitor the performance of your Facebook (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) Ads campaigns on a weekly or daily basis. This is why the Facebook Ads audit template comes into the picture.

Audits of Facebook Ads are crucial to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your ads. This article will detail exactly what’s contained in the Facebook Ads audit, how to carry it out and provide a no-cost Facebook Ads audit template to help you with the process.

What is a Facebook Ads Audit?

The Facebook Ads audit is a complete and thorough analysis of all that’s going on in your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Audits can be conducted weekly. However, it’s crucial to make sure you’re auditing your accounts under the following conditions:

Infrequent intervals, like once per month, to check all is well
If you’re in charge of the management of a new client’s ads
If you’re having issues with the performance of your campaign and you’d like to understand the reasons
If you’re considering making changes to your overall campaigns to improve them or after experimenting with the new approach
Auditing will review every aspect of the metrics that go along with your ads, including the outcomes being achieved and how much the cost is. Comprehensive audits (which we highly recommend carrying out) also examine the strategies you’re employing, the people you’re targeting, and the tools for your ad creation.

Without thorough audits, it may not be easy to assess how well your campaigns are doing and what is driving the outcomes. The audits will help recognize patterns and trends, making it easier to design more successful campaigns in the near and the long term.

Audits are essential for making sure your account is in good shape in every aspect; because Facebook frequently updates its platform, and they can prevent you from getting caught out on major changes like how the pixel operates or the new types of ads.

How to Perform a Facebook Ads Audit

If you’re conducting a Facebook Ads audit, there are many steps involved and a large amount of data that you’ll have to look at. We suggest going step-by-step through the process and putting together information into a central place to track trends better.

We’ll review the six primary actions to take when conducting a Facebook Ads audit. However, these may not apply to your situation; go through them all to make sure. You can then take the actions that will apply to you and skip the ones that do not.

You can also conduct yourself a Facebook Ads Audit using our template for free, which will walk you through all of the steps listed below.

Workbook Template for Facebook Ads Audit Get your copy today! It’s 100% Free!

Gain High-Level Access to the Account in Question

If you can, the first thing to do is gain access to your Facebook Ad account that needs to be inspected.

Some agencies may ask their clients to send the analytics reports, but it’s far more efficient to access the data directly.

Sometimes you’ll want to include more information that standard reports don’t like the frequency of use as well as CTR metrics (which are available to add to the dashboard but aren’t included by default)
There is more information available about the campaign instead of just relying on the information that static reports give that can assist you in conducting a more thorough audit.
It is possible to see how the performance has changed with time.

In this instance, you can request the client to grant their business manager access if they’re not previously granted access. You can take a copy of the number given by Facebook and then give it to the client for them to give you access. You can also send them these directions and ensure they grant you access to the analytics.

How do you share access to Facebook Ads accounts?

In this phase, it is recommended to check who has access to the accounts your company can access. Sometimes, we have staff members who are leaving for whatever reason and must be removed from the team. This is a sensible option since you can see who can access which accounts and at what levels in”People. “People” tab of the Business Manager.

Facebook business manager dashboard

Review & Download the Metrics

When you’ve gained access to your account, it’s time to look at the statistics.

Go to Facebook Ads manager or a third-party application such as AdEspresso (which will provide more in-depth information about your ad’s performance), then start sifting through the information.

Within the Ads Manager in the Ads Manager, you can look at the information available for your current campaigns. Additionally, you can also add additional metrics fields in the report. (Buy YouTube Views UK) You can also click “Reports” followed by “Create custom reports” to learn additional information.

I’m using a mock account for advertising to keep from sharing confidential client details, so don’t bother with the fake data.

Facebook Ads Manager with metrics

Here, you can see reports for the campaign, ad set, and ad level. Based on how far you’d like to go, you may start with the campaign level or go to the advertising level.

Suppose you’re trying to learn about aspects like innovative strategies, messages, visuals, offers, and more that resonate with your target audience. In that case, it is important to analyze things at the ad level. So download the reports. The report can be downloaded in a CSV or Excel file.

Facebook advertising report for an audit
Be sure your reports include key indicators, such as the following:

Results (or the number of actions completed)
Cost per action
Qualitative ranking
Amount spent

You can download visual representations of images from this dashboard that can be useful to present to customers or other departments.

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