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Why the Type of Clothes Hangers You Use Actually Matters

If you don’t work in the retail, fashion clothing or home organizing company, it’s a high likelihood that you don’t give much thought to the style of hangers for clothes you choose to use.

Hangers for clothes are used every all day, and gain from storing our clothes in the most efficient way possible. It’s interesting that we don’t think about the type of hangers that are inside our closets.

What is the reason for this situation? You might be surprised discover that it doesn’t matter what kind of wooden coat hangers you choose to use.

The majority of clothes hangers are inexpensive and easily accessible

The reason that hangers for clothes don’t receive the respect they deserve is that they’re usually affordable and simple to locate.

Yes this 12 pack of plastic hangers that costs $1 at the dollar shop might appear to be a bargain in the present. It’s likely that they’re not of the top in quality but, they’re hangers for clothes, aren’t they?

Also, all those free wire hangers that you’ve received at your local dry cleaning shop throughout the years? So, why to throw away an item that is perfectly functional?

But, you should think about this: what quality could hangers have when dry cleaning is offering them to the public constantly?

There’s one disadvantage to hanging clothes on cheap hangers, instead of opting for a more expensive kind, such as wood hangers for clothes.

The disadvantages to using plastic clothes hangers

Everybody has had to get rid of their plastic clothing hangers at one time or another. Although they aren’t expensive, plastic hangers have several negatives:

  • They’re thin and will last less time (a warning of the fact that “cheap” also equals “disposable” most of the time)
  • These aren’t suitable for maintaining the shape of your clothes and reduces the life span of your clothing
  • are more susceptible to clothing slippage
  • There’s a greater chance of having different styles and colors of plastic hangers. This creates an unorganized, messy style of your closet

The drawbacks of hanging clothes on wires

Wire hangers come with the same drawbacks like plastic hangers, but they come with a distinct downside. They have a few disadvantages, including:

  • Their flexibility allows wire hangers to bend, which shortens their life span
  • They also don’t provide a perfect way to store clothes for the long term in terms of maintaining the shape of your garments
  • The rusting process can shorten their lifespan and may cause damage to clothing
  • are also more susceptible to clothing falling off the hanger

As you can see, wires and plastic hangers are readily accessible and affordable but it comes at the cost of the highest interest of your clothes.

Why do premium wooden clothes hangers are the best alternative

Apart from plastic and wire hangers velvet hangers are another option with their distinct advantages. When hanging your clothes high-quality wooden hangers are the best option. Here’s why:

  • They’re stronger and won’t stretch and keep your garment’s structure in place
  • can last for a long time and will last for a long time, which is greater value
  • The design is more robust that makes it possible to store of heavier items such as winter coats, jackets and even jeans
  • appear much prettier that wire or plastic hangers
  • provide special design features such as notches that help keep clothes with straps in place
  • Your garments tend to be more unlikely fall off the hanger or get wrinkled.

Do all clothes hangers made of wood all made equally?

Absolutely certainly not. A set of wooden clothes hangers available at your local retailer at a price that is attractively low may be more appealing than the thin and flimsy hangers made of wire However, beware.

The wood and the design quality are the two primary aspects you should be worried with. In the end, a stronger wood for the clothes hanger’s structure will offer more strength and endurance.

We at Organized Interiors, we believe our top cherry and white wood hangers are the most durable clothes hangers that you can buy. These hangers are:

The metal head of our hangers is smartly designed with a safety hook to prevent scratching.

The hanger shoulders are strong to support jackets and shirts. We also carry thicker hanger shapes to support heavier items of clothing.

Notches securely hold straps in place and prevent clothing from falling.

Like the hanger‘s shoulders, its supportive cross bar is resistant to clothes slipping and creasing.

Make the most of your clothes with wooden hangers for clothes.

Our top-quality wooden clothes hangers are suitable for all kinds of clothing and can ensure you get the best use out of them, providing the ideal way to store your clothing.

You’ll have less time to iron out those unsightly folds and wrinkles that could be troublesome with poor hanger styles.

The most expensive clothing items (such as a formal dress or formal dress for men) can run into millions of dollars which is why you must safeguard your investment. Even a $100 blouse is worthy of a home for hanging to ensure you’re getting the best value from it.

Maintain your closet and dressing room’s appearance stylish with wooden clothes hangers

The sloppy colors of a closet stuffed with plastic hangers does not add to the overall aesthetics. The plain look of a collection or wire hanging hangers.

High-end clothes hangers made of hardwood add a distinctive touch of elegance to your closet. Although it may appear as if it’s a tiny thing, you’ll be able to be impressed by the unified look created by the closet that is stuffed with quality clothes hangers.

If you’ve had your home’s renovations that have included or the closet organizer or walk-in or dressing area high-quality hardwood hangers are a must. They’ll perfectly complement the updated design and functionality of these new spaces.

Organized Interiors’ premium cherry and white hardwood hangers.

Make sure you keep your clothes hangers clutter-free by telling them “no thanks”

After years of shopping for clothes and getting dry-cleaning done it’s likely that the hanger clutter from clothes will be an additional item you’ll have to contend with.

It is possible to minimize or even get rid of this issue by telling “no thanks” when presented with the possibility of bringing the free cable or plastic hanger at home. The person selling the item or dry cleaner surely won’t be a problem.

It’s a minor gesture, that has a significant impact the carbon footprint from avoiding hangers you don’t actually require is likely to be minor however every amount helps.

The old wire and plastic hangers could be found in a thrift shop. Hangers made of plastic (without the metal) may also be recyclable in your blue bin. Find out the recycling guidelines of your local municipality.

Take care of your clothes with high-end clothes hangers made of hardwood

You’ll extend the life of your clothes by taking care to treat them properly while hanging them from top wooden clothes hangers.

Organized Interiors offers an special deal which gives you 160 premium hardwood hangers no cost with the purchase of a wardrobe or closet purchase. It’s worth $300!


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