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Why people use Video Converter?

Video Converter

People are seeking a tool to download videos and adding to their videos. They want to download their favorite videos and convert them into a good one. By this video converter people can download their favorite videos and can add them into their own created video or can merge them in other videos to make them look great.

Why people use video converter

People often use video converter because if they like any video on YouTube and want to convert it into Mp3 or Mp4 they cannot do this and users want such an application to convert it according to their need. As a user should have a video converter a to convert video and don’t want to suffer along other ways. 

What is a video converter?

A video converter is an application which is used to convert videos in to a good quality video. It can also improve its graphics. It helps to convert any type of video securely. It helps in downloading and cropping the videos and many advance tools used to modify a video. It has made many people happy and have earned many good and reliable reviews. It can easily convert any video into Mp3 or Mp4. 

Features of a Video converter

All video converters have many features for the user to download and convert videos. The following are the functions of the video converter:

Convert video into high Quality

The video converter allows us to convert videos into high quality and improve its focus point. It converts videos into HD quality. 

Free Converter

This allows a user to convert a video for free. It is 100% free software the users don’t have use the converters which use the paid method. 

Add Videos and Photos to your video

If you want to add photos to your video you can go to the photos option and add photo in it. It has another feature to merge two videos.

Add Text and Audio

You can add text to your video to make it more apparent. Also add audio to your video. 

Supported Devices

It support numerous devices users can easily convert and download videos in windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Linux.

Convert videos in Formats

Select a video you want to convert. It can be converted in GIF, Mp4, Mp3, M4V, 3GP, WEMB etc. You can also merge a video in to another video or can add effects in it and after completing it click the upload button and save it in your device or share it to anyone to show them your newly created video.

Convert in same size

This is a reliable application it gives the same size commanded and don’t changes the size. As like some software they change the size of the video and the user gets disturbed and engages a lot of time to set the size of the video. This software don’t change the size of the video and remains the same as the user has settled.

Safe and Secure

This is very safe app the user can feel free when using it and rely on it. It keeps the data of the user private and secure. It is also safe from any type of Malware and  viruses.

How to use Video Converter

To use video converter go to the browser and open the link. Paste the link of the video you want to convert and press the convert button. It is very simple to convert videos that any new user can understand is easily and quickly.

Video Converters

There are several video converters which are reliable to be used:


Y2meta is an amazing video converter. It supports devices like iPhone, windows, Android etc. It is totally free to use and is 100% secure. It can convert videos to Mp3, Mp4 etc.

YouTube to MP3

You tube to MP3 is another most great video converter. It converts videos fast. It protect the video from malware and viruses. It converts videos to MP3, MP4 and many more.

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