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Why Is Jim Beam a Whiskey Enthusiast’s Favourite?


Speak to a whiskey lover and it won’t be long before they mention Jim Beam. It’s a whiskey you’ll see in bottle shops around the country (we love it here!). Using limestone-filtered water and charred oak barrels for ageing, many brands have introduced their Bourbon whiskeys in the market. But, there are some reasons why Jim Beam has gained the attention of many whiskey lovers.

An amazing sweetness

Jim Beam uses fermented mash that contains 51% corn. That is why the Bourbon whiskey of this brand delivers a delightful sweetness. The corn content is higher than other types of whiskeys. Moreover, Jim Beam has used particular yeast strains that produce the desirable flavour profiles. It ensures the development of sweet and fruity notes during the fermentation process. 

More mature

Jim Beam whiskey gains a smooth taste and a deeper colour and this is because of the barrel ageing process. The lovely hints of caramel and vanilla have won the hearts of many whiskey lovers. Traditional rules state that the minimum number of years for maturing bourbon is two years. However, extreme fluctuations in temperature may affect the ageing process. A whiskey matured in Kentucky undergoes the ageing process faster than whiskeys matured in Scotland. However, Jim Beam claims that its bourbon’s age is more than two years. You will enjoy an extra-mellow flavour with every bottle of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey.

No additives

Jim Beam has made its whiskey different by avoiding additives. Some whiskey companies will add caramel, flavouring, and colourings to their drinks. However, even though they stick to other bourbon manufacturing rules, they cannot consider their whiskey a true bourbon. Nothing but water can be poured into bourbon. So, if you want the genuine taste of bourbon whiskey, you may try out the drink from Jim Beam.

Flavours to satisfy everyone’s taste buds:

Jim Beam has a big collection of whiskeys of various flavours.

Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition

The spicy, warm notes come from black pepper. The presence of vanilla has created a balance of tastes. You may add this whiskey to your cocktails for an unmistakable flavour.

Black Extra-Aged Whiskey

Jim Beam Black is tastier and may be enjoyed anytime. Whiskey was aged in white oak casks. You will enjoy smooth notes of oak and caramel.

Peach Bourbon Whiskey

If you like fresh, ripe peaches, try Jim Beam’s peach-flavoured whiskey. Woodiness and sweetness combine. With a soft finish, this whiskey can also be an ingredient for your summer cocktails.

Kentucky Fire Whiskey

Kentucky Fire reminds you of the bourbon heritage of the brand. Jim Beam has dedicated distillers who mix the finest-quality Kentucky Straight Bourbon with cinnamon liqueurs. That is why you get a sweet yet fiery kick.

You can now select the Jim Beam whiskey to celebrate any event. Compare the taste of every Bourbon whiskey from Jim Beam and find the best one for a refreshing sensation.


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