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Who is allowed to do Umrah 2023?

Millions of Muslims worldwide yearn to embark on Umrah to the holy cities to seek spiritual fulfilment and blessings. In 2023, the guidelines and restrictions have been adjusted to strike a balance between the pilgrims and the sacred journey. If you’re planning Umrah in 2023, it’s crucial to be aware of the eligibility criteria and protocols set by the Saudi authorities. This article will provide an overview of who is allowed to perform Umrah in 2023.

The criteria for individuals allowed to perform Umrah in 2023 encompass various factors, including health conditions and age restrictions. Saudi Arabia has set specific instructions to embark on the holy pilgrimage. Various travel agencies offer attractive Umrah packages 2023, catering to those allowed to perform this year. Additionally, prospective pilgrims must obtain authorized permits through official channels. By following these regulations, the doors of Umrah are open for many devout Muslims worldwide, offering an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Umrah Requirements 2023

Below are the latest Umrah requirements for 2023 per the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Anyone with these requirements can perform a spiritual pilgrimage this year, which is 2023.

  1. Age Restrictions
  2. Approved Umrah Travel Agents
  3. Umrah Visa
  4. Travel Documentation
  5. Health Considerations
  6. Accommodation and Reservations
  7. Complying with Local Customs
  8. Age Restrictions

Saudi Arabia might impose age restrictions on Umrah performers to protect vulnerable populations, such as older people and children. However, specific age limits may vary, but still, there is no age requirement for Muslims to perform Umrah. Moreover, the children must be accompanied by their parents and show proof.

  1. Approved Umrah Travel Agents

Umrah pilgrims must book their journeys through authorized travel agents approved by the Saudi government and ATOL. These agents are well-versed in the latest requirements and will help ensure a smooth pilgrimage for their clients.

  1. Umrah Visa

An Umrah visa is mandatory. The primary purpose of the Umrah visa is to facilitate Muslims from around the world to undertake lesser pilgrimages. This visa is typically for a specific duration, ranging from 15 days to a month. This visa is generally issued through approved travel agents or agencies. The cost of this visa may vary depending on the country of application and specific services.

The visa applicants must meet specific health and travel criteria like health insurance. However, you may also use a tourist or visit visa for pilgrimage, valid for multiple entries in the KSA. But an Umrah visa is also best if we talk about Umrah specifically.

  1. Travel Documentation

Travel documentation is the first and most crucial part of Umrah and any other journey. A valid passport with sufficient remaining validity is necessary for a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. Some pilgrims may require an authorization letter when travelling for pilgrimage. Proper travel vouchers and accommodation vouchers are also essential during the journey. Pilgrims should thoroughly check and comply with the latest travel documentation and guidelines.

Note: Travellers seeking to perform Umrah in 2023 can explore a range of Umrah packages tailored to suit their eligibility.

  1. Health Considerations

As the well-being of pilgrims is of utmost importance, certain health restrictions may be in place. Prospective pilgrims should consult with their healthcare providers. Especially those with underlying health conditions before planning their journey to ensure their fitness for travel. Moreover, pilgrims should also take health insurance to avoid any issues upon arrival.

  1. Accommodation and Reservations

Accommodation for Umrah is integral to planning a spiritual journey to the holy cities. The process of reservations for Umrah ensures that pilgrims have a comfortable and convenient place to rest during the pilgrimage. To facilitate a smooth experience, pilgrims should make reservations for their accommodation in Mecca and Medina. Booking reputable hotels near holy sites can significantly enhance the spiritual experience of the journey.

  1. Complying with Local Customs

Pilgrims are expected to respect and adhere to the local customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia during their entire stay. It includes dressing modestly, respecting prayer times, and displaying courtesy to fellow pilgrims and locals.


In conclusion, the eligibility to perform lesser pilgrimage in 2023 remains subject to the regulations set by the Saudi government. Although every Muslim is allowed to perform Umrah, they should fulfil the requirements to meet. The year 2023 presents an opportunity for Muslims worldwide to partake in the profound journey of Umrah. Pilgrims can ensure a spiritually rewarding and memorable experience by being well-informed about the needs and guidelines.


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