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What’s a typing test? Jobs which most benefit from typing skills

What is an online typing test? 

A practical test in order to check how rapidly and correctly you can type at a specific time is called an online typing test. For taking an online test, platforms offering free online typing tests typically give you a piece of writing along with a specific time frame to complete it.

After taking a typing speed test practice, for the result of that test, consider three scores, first the number of words that you can type in one minute, which is also called WPM, second provide a count of mistakes you have made in that specific text, and third any mistakes that you made while typing your amended WPM. In order to identify your word per minute, speed and accuracy are the most critical factor to consider.

Taking and passing an online typing test 

Making a list of all your skills is always important ahead of start looking for a job. There are a lot of jobs that require strong keyboard skills, and many employers ensure their workers must have proficient typing skills.

Moreover, many job ads further mention typing skills, and in that case, you should take this into consideration and get yourself ready to show the speed of your typing.

In this article, we will let you know a couple of jobs that need pretty good keyboarding skills, along with being an excellent career choice for typists.

Office Administrator 

All office administrator jobs tasks related to monitoring operations across their organization’s office. An office administrator’s job will likely to include coordinating meetings, running different administrative projects, welcoming visitors, booking appointments and more. But the essential element of the job of an office administrator is communication.

These days office communication carries out through instant messaging, emails, and internal project management systems. That’s why good typing skills are fundamental for this type of job.

 Legal Secretary 

The legal secretary typically supports a legal team or lawyer by doing admin tasks, connecting with clients, and performing legal research. So, with strong typing skills, a legal secretary will be able to communicate with clients and other essential parties accurately and input important data correctly in due time. Typing speed test practice is beneficial for them to increase their speed and accuracy while typing.

Medical Transcriptionist 

A medical transcriptionist is one of the jobs that need strong keyboard skills, as in this job, you will have to convert medical notes and dictations into formal medical documents. Because of the nature of documents, accuracy is the most significant factor; at the same time, employers greatly appreciate speed.

Data Entry Clerk

Many companies and industries always need data entry clerks to enter data into spreadsheets of distinct computer programs. Moreover, these organizations have to keep a proper record and organize files.

Good styling skills and considerable knowledge of spreadsheets, data entry software, and various text documents are highly beneficial for this role.

Web Designer/Developer

For a website developer and designer, it is crucial to be quick and accurate when it comes to keyboard skills. You will be able to pay attention to more critical elements being more creative when you don’t have to look back again and again to make sure there are no mistakes.



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