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What the Top Toilet Replacement Parts You Need to Know About

What the Top Toilet Replacement Parts You Need to Know About

If you fix your toilet every other weekend, you might require new parts. But not all of your toilet’s parts are equally easy to replace.

Before replacing your toilet, you should always try to fix any small problem. A simple flapper leak can cost you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted water.

Water Supply Line

A water supply line connects your household plumbing to the local main water supply or sometimes to a well in rural areas. These lines are buried at least 3 feet below the ground.

A common problem with this part is a leak. If this happens, replacing the water supply line and any fittings it carries may be time.

Often, a loose connection can cause this type of leak. If this is the case, you can use a plumber to tighten it.

Most water supply lines are made from plastic, copper, or galvanized iron. These are materials that are easy to work with and resist corrosion.

The water supply line also helps ensure water pressure stays consistent throughout your home. It includes a valve that turns the water on and off and pressure regulators that control water flow and prevent backflow into your drinking water supply.

If you have a leaking supply line, check the shutoff valve that controls it. If you can’t find the shutoff valve, contacting a plumber is a good idea.


The flapper, also called the flap valve, is a vital part of your toilet and can help prevent water damage to your home. It’s designed to create a tight seal against your flush valve so water doesn’t leak out.

When you’re replacing the flapper parts of a cistern toilet, make sure to choose the right one for your toilet. Choosing the correct flapper will ensure it’s watertight and doesn’t leak. There are different types of flappers, including flexible and hard plastic models.

Flexible flappers work well for older toilets and are easier to install. For this reason, they’re a popular choice for many people.

On the other hand, hard plastic flappers are more durable and last longer. You can often find them at home improvement stores.

If you need help determining which flapper type to choose, check the manufacturer’s website for more information about the product. You can also ask the store staff for guidance.

Rubber Gasket and Bolts

A rubber gasket, also known as a toilet bolt seal, is used to secure the toilet tank to the bowl. It is a great way to prevent leaks and water damage.

The washers, nuts, and bolts on a tank-to-bowl toilet gasket keep the tank in place, but over time they can become damaged or misaligned. If this happens, it can cause a leak in the bowl and on the floor.

One of the most common problems with a tank-to-bowl bolt is that it becomes loose. If this happens, you can try tightening it. If this does not stop the leak, you must replace the washers and bolts.

When replacing the bolts on a toilet, it is a good idea to ensure they are all the same size and style. It will ensure they do not leak or break when flushing the toilet.

The final part you will need to check before you replace the bolts is the toilet tank bowl gasket. It is often replaced at the same time as the bolts.

Closet Bolts

Closet bolts secure your toilet to the flange, which is the opening for the waste line. The best closet bolts are made of brass, a material more resistant to water corrosion than other metals.

If you notice a water puddle near the base of your toilet, it could signal the need to replace one or both of your closet bolts. It’s possible that the corroded bolts caused the puddle, so be sure to check them for damage and replace them with new ones.

To remove old closet bolts, use a wrench to unscrew the nuts and washers that hold them in place. Alternatively, loosen the flange by tilting it out of the floor slots with your hands or a screwdriver until you can tilt the closet bolt heads to the keyhole openings.

Next, fit a new wax ring over the flange, then carefully set the toilet over the bolts and flange so they align opposite each other. If you’re replacing the wax ring with a different one, clean it off before setting it on the closet bolts and flange.

There are several closet bolts, but the best ones are solid brass bolts with a nut and washer for securing them to your flange. These types of closet bolts are a must for most bathrooms, and many plumbing codes require them.

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