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What Starlight Headliner Is Right For My Car?

Online searches for starlight headliner kits commonly reveal questions like: What Starlight headliner fits my car? How many stars should I get for my starlight headliner?

When it comes to buying a starlight headliner kit online, there are many different options, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which kit will work the best. Starlight Custom recommends starlight headliner kits based on the size of your car, whether it has a sunroof, and the vehicle’s class and budget.

The components of the kits can be modified in three different ways based on the size and class of your vehicle. Below is the list of the details.

Quantity of Starlights:

There are several types of fiber optic lights that can be installed into your vehicle’s roof and then connected to a light source hidden somewhere inside the vehicle. For larger cars, such as Full-Size Sedans, the headliners are larger and therefore require more stars. For an average two-door coupe, we recommend 150-350 stars, whereas a large SUV can require anywhere between 600- 1500 stars, depending on its size. 

Power of StarlightLight: 

StarlightLight: The Light Engine is the power source for starlight headliners. They have LED lights that shine through fiber optic strands, causing the headliner to appear. Light Engines can also contain a “Twinkle Motor” which spins a metal disc with holes to interrupt the light patch, resulting in a “twinkle” effect on the fiber optics. Depending on the power output of the light source, it can range from 6 Watts (W) to 50 Watts (W). In order to fill the headliner adequately, the output varies depending on the number of lights needed. More lights require a higher power source to ensure the lights are bright enough to create a proper starlight experience. A 6W power source may be sufficient for 150-200 lights, but anything above will require a higher power output to work.

Length of Fiber optics: 

There are a variety of fiber optic lights available, varying in length and diameter to fit different applications. Lights usually range in length from 6.5 feet to almost 16.5 feet, depending on the size of the car and the location of the light source. Obviously, a length of only 6.5 feet is required for smaller vehicles such as 2 door coupes, whereas a length of anywhere from 9.8 feet to 13.1 feet is needed for larger cars.

There are also starlight kits that have different diameters of lights. We believe that varying light diameters are important for the best use of your car’s starlight headliner. The varying lights will provide a realistic “three dimensional” effect to your headliner with the different intensities of glow, as it will appear as some smaller stars are further away, while the larger stars seem closer and more intense. We typically provide Deluxe and Elite kits with three different diameters of lights (0.03in, 0.04in, and 0.06in) in each kit.

We offer our shop guide, which helps you pick the right package based on the category and class of your vehicle, since it can be difficult finding the right starlight package.

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