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What Size Tank Is Best for Giant Female Bettas?

Female bettas grow larger and more curved than male bettas. As they get older, female bettas also develop fattier tails. Adult male and female giant betta fish for sale are too different to be kept together in the same tank. Even adult males and females should not be kept together because the stress of constant courtship can shorten a female’s lifespan or cause her to stop eating, get sick and die prematurely. If you want to keep a single, large betta as your pet instead of breeding it, what size aquarium and tank mates are best for a giant female? Read on to find out…

What Is a Giant Betta?

To find out if your betta is a giant, you will need to measure her. Bettas in the wild don’t live as long as their captive-bred counterparts. Wild fish tend to be smaller, growing to only about two inches long, while captive-bred fish live up to five years. It’s hard to say exactly where one type of betta ends and another begins. But if your betta is larger than two inches, she’s probably a giant. Giant bettas are also sometimes referred to as “long fins” or “half-moons”. These are all types of bettas that have the same long, flowing fins.

How Big Do Giant Bettas Get?

On average, female giant bettas get between 5 and 6 inches long, and males only 4 inches. But like all bettas, they can grow as long as they are given enough room in their aquarium. Bettas are territorial fish that do need a lot of room to swim freely. Giant bettas, especially mature females, tend to swim lazily through the water, so they need even more space than male bettas do. 

A betta’s tank should be at least one and a half times as long as the fish is. It should be at least as wide as your betta is long, and at least half as deep as she is long. If you are breeding your bettas, you will need a larger tank than this, but it should still be at least one and a half times as long as your fish are. You should also make sure that the lid on your tank can support the weight of your adult female bettas.

Which Type of Betta Tank Is Best for a Female?

The type of betta tank you choose will depend on the size you want to go with. Bettas need room to swim, so the bigger the tank, the better. Giant bettas are very active swimmers, and they need a lot of space to perform their unique, undulating swimming style. They also need plenty of room to explore. A betta that is swimming in a tiny tank that she can only turn around in is likely to become depressed and stop eating.

If you want to keep your betta with other fish, you will need an even bigger tank. Bettas are territorial fish, and if you keep them with another species, they will fight to defend their territory from that species. 

For one betta, a 10-gallon aquarium is a good size. A 20-gallon aquarium is even better. A 10-gallon tank with a betta is small enough for most people to keep and maintain on their own. A 20-gallon tank is large enough for a betta to swim around in without getting bored or stressed. A 20-gallon tank is also small enough that you can easily add more fish to the tank if you want to keep a community tank.

Recommended Size for a Female Betta Tank

As mentioned above, the recommended size for a tank for a single betta is 10 gallons for one fish and 20 gallons for two fish. If you want to keep other fish with your bettas, you will need a much bigger tank. Bettas are territorial fish, and they will fight with other species if kept together.

If you want to keep a community tank, you need to keep them in a very large aquarium so the other species have room to get away from your bettas when the bettas get aggressive. A 55-gallon aquarium is a good size for one to two giant female bettas and a few other species of fish. A larger aquarium is better if you want to keep a lot of fish in it.

How to Choose the Right Tank for a Giant Betta?

If you want to keep a single giant female betta, you should choose a 10-gallon aquarium. If you want to keep more than one betta, or if you want to keep other species of fish with your bettas, you should choose a 20-gallon aquarium. Betta tanks come in many different styles. 

You can get a rectangular tank, a hexagonal tank or a cube-shaped tank. You can also get a tank that has a bowl shape. Whichever type of tank you choose, it should have a wide mouth for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Betta tanks are usually made out of glass or acrylic. The best betta tank is made out of glass. The acrylic tanks are easily scratched, and scratches in the tank can harbour bacteria and cause infections in your fish. They are also not as durable as glass tanks, so they are more likely to crack or break if you are not careful when moving them.


A giant female betta is much too big to keep in a bowl or jar. Bettas are active swimmers, and they need a lot of room to swim freely. A giant betta needs a really large tank. You can keep one in a 10-gallon tank or a 20-gallon tank, or even a bigger tank if you have other species of fish that need room to swim. A betta tank should be made out of glass and be at least 10 gallons for one fish and 20 gallons for two fish. For your betta, you need an aquarium that is the right size and is filled with the right water conditions for your fish to live a long and healthy life.


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