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What Is the Role of A Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Accidents involving slip and falls can happen anywhere. Grocery stores, office buildings, malls, dining establishments, and hotels are where slip-and-fall accidents happen the most frequently.

Accidents involving a slip-and-fall frequently cause severe or life-altering injuries, such as traumatic brain injury or severe fractures that cause ongoing agony. Slip-and-fall cases can be challenging to fight because property owners frequently try to claim that you were at fault because of your carelessness or ignorance.

In such situations, a slip-and-fall injury attorney has experience interacting with property owners and insurance providers. Even though these instances might be challenging to prove, a lawyer can assist you in showing that the negligent party failed to maintain their property safely, which caused your injury.

Here is what a slip-and-fall lawyer can do for you.

Your Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help Determine Liability

A slip-and-fall accident in a store might logically lead you to conclude that the business is responsible.

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Liability determination, however, may not always be straightforward. For instance, lousy stair construction could cause you to trip and fall. Who is responsible? It might be:

  • The building’s proprietor
  • An independent business using the property to do business
  • A building firm or contractor who has most recently worked on the property

If more than one party is implicated in your slip-and-fall accident claim, your chance of recovering compensation will likely rise. A Fort Myers car accident lawyer can examine your claim’s specifics and identify who is responsible for the accident.

Your Attorney Can Assist You with Assembling Evidence for Your Claim

In many slip-and-fall cases, the at-fault party’s insurance provider will work to demonstrate that you contributed in some manner to your accident—perhaps by choosing to enter a dangerous area or ignoring warnings.

Even though the business or person in question was aware of the risk, the insurance company may make the case that the responsible party could not reasonably have been expected to be mindful of the potential hazard.

It’s Possible to Obtain Evidence Related to Your Claim with the Help of an Attorney

An attorney might have access to information that would be difficult for you to get on your own, such as knowledge of individuals who might have been injured due to a company’s negligence or details about the property’s service history.

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Additionally, a lawyer can speak with a specialist witness who can examine the location of the accident and offer more details and context to how your fall might have happened.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve Is Easier With the Help of an Attorney

Accidents involving a slip-and-fall can leave victims with severe wounds, including fractured hips and other broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and even spinal cord damage. These injuries frequently result in high medical costs.

For instance, you might have to shell out $16,000 or more for broken bone surgery. Your medical expenses could increase significantly if your wounds are more serious. You may be entitled to compensation for all monetary losses associated with the accident as part of your injury claim, including your immediate medical costs and lost wages.

Additionally, many personal injury cases include compensation for pain and suffering, including slip-and-fall claims. Many people are unaware of how much money they are owed for their injuries. As a result, they can give in to the insurance company’s low settlement offer rather than haggling or, if necessary, fighting for pay.

You Can Put Together a Compelling Slip-and-Fall Accident Claim with the Help of an Attorney

Your claim’s presentation can significantly impact how it is regarded and, in some situations, whether the insurance provider will give you the money you want for your injuries.

It will be easy to determine how your accident happened, who is responsible, and how much money you are entitled to if you have a strong slip-and-fall accident claim. This can improve the likelihood that the insurance provider will treat your incident seriously and award you the compensation you are due.

A Slip-And-Fall Attorney can Handle the Insurance Company for You

Slip-and-fall claims typically involve working with the property insurance provider for the party who is at fault. The insurance company can be pretty challenging and frustrating to deal with.

Insurance Company

Because any conversation could be interpreted incorrectly and even used against you in a subsequent personal injury claim, you can feel as though you have to monitor your words carefully. If you’re unsure what to do, you may worry that you are inadvertently limiting your recovery or that the insurance company will try to exploit you.

A slip-and-fall lawyer may handle that conversation on your behalf, lessening your stress and improving your chances of receiving compensation.

Taking Your Claim to Court May Require the Services of an Attorney

Taking your slip-and-fall accident claim to court can further add to your stress. Most cases are resolved outside of court. If you have to take your claim to court, you may be worried that the insurance company will not fully compensate you. Having legal representation can be very helpful.

A lawyer can help you present your case to the court, make arguments on your behalf, and eventually help you construct your case so that it is more likely that the court will grant you the compensation you desire.

Final Thoughts

An attorney could provide several vital services that may help you advance your claim and get the money you are entitled to if you were hurt in a slip-and-fall. To understand the compensation you are entitled to and the measures you need to pursue, speak with a slip-and-fall attorney as soon as possible following your accident.


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