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What is a Personal Statement for Colleges? Importance and Demand

Personal Statement

For the admission application to a college, test scores ad transcripts are not only enough. You also need to have a personal statement for college. It is the most stressful situation during the application process.

This guide will highlight the answer to the question of what a personal statement for colleges is. We will also discuss some common topics for personal statements. First, start with:

Personal statement

A personal statement for colleges is an essay or topic which an applicant need to write to show the college administration. The aim is to show the committee who I am and why I want to get admission. It is not like a college essay. It is an application essay for graduate school admission. 

College essay:

A college essay is similar to a personal statement. 

Essay prompt:

It is a statement that your college essay is required to answer. 

Supplemental essay:

It is an extra essay that is necessary beyond a personal statement. 

What Makes a Strong Personal Statement for Colleges?

Till now, you got an idea of what college essays and personal statements for colleges are. Now it is time to decide how to write the best statement. The following are some factors that each student must consider before writing a strong personals statement:

  • An attractive perception
  • Open moments
  • Lively writing

Make sure to become an expert in all these fields before writing a statement. Hopefully, you will be able to write a strong personal essay. 

Showing Who You Are

Many students face a challenge when they have to find a unique topic. Obviously, no one wants to write on some usual topics that others also use. So, it is necessary for each student to discuss with friends and some experts about a unique topic. 

Not only this, but you also need to know how to write an effective topic. For this, you have to know more and more about yourself. No matter what topic you choose. Always make sure to explain why and how this topic is necessary for you. 


Though the main aim of writing the personal statement is to allow the college administration to know about you, make sure to write more about yourself but keep honesty in mind. Honestly, express your feelings and experiences, either positive or negative. Hopefully, you will know more about yourself after writing this statement. 

Eloquent Writing

The main purpose of writing a personal statement for colleges is to help the administration to know that you are a strong candidate. For this, express your feelings and other ideas clearly and briefly. Make sure to add all the main details properly without any cliché. All the honest writing will help you to survive in college.

Most students only write an essay and call it a day after the first draft. But actually, editing the essay is the most crucial step. Don’t think that editing only revolves around changing some words and removing some extra things. It also revolves around reading the essay completely and thinks the way you may improve it!

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