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What are Video Remote Interpreting Services?

Video Remote

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s no doubt that the world is getting more and more diverse.  In businesses in particular, there are many situations which might involve needing someone to translate and interpret thanks to language barriers that are becoming all too frequent.  Navigating these issues isn’t always easy, either.

That’s where things like remote interpreting services can really come in handy.  They’re rather invaluable in situations like this, in fact, because they can help bridge the gaps of understanding between us and our clients or customers even if there are some roadblocks along the way.  As you can see on this page, they’re an integral part of modern businesses and practices.

What are Interpreters?

The first thing we should address is this: what are interpreters in the first place?  What’s the difference between an interpreter and a translator?  A lot of it comes down to specifics, as you can probably imagine, but they’re largely interchangeable in terms of their job description.

They do several things, namely finding ways to translate words and phrases while still imparting tone and any colloquial meanings, since those are important to general understanding between two parties.  Additionally, they can help to compile lists and glossaries of terms in various languages, which is helpful in a lot of contexts like the medical field.

Admittedly, it can at times be hard to put our confidence in translators and interpreters.  Something to keep in mind is that they usually need to have a bachelor’s degree to hold the position, and they’ll have to be fluent in at least two languages, which can help give us some additional trust in them.  More on that here:



Why are Interpreters Important?

As we mentioned above, there’s really no denying that the business world is becoming increasingly diverse.  Often, we end up working with people who are located in other countries.  The language gap can be a difficult one to cross, to say the least.

That’s why having interpreter services available around the clock can be so helpful.  No matter what time of day it is, and no matter the language you need assistance in understanding, there are options out there.  The trick is knowing how to find them.

Did you know that there are remote translating services?  If not, now you do!  These resources are pretty much what they sound like on the tin – they’re a way to access an interpreter either through video call or over the phone.  Many folks prefer video conferences because a lot of body language can be lost in translation over a phone call.

One of the nice perks of a video conference is that you can also invite additional interpreters or clients into the call so that everyone can receive the pertinent information all at once rather than everyone having to play phone tag.  Much of the appeal comes down to the quality-of-life perks offered in these services, as you can probably imagine.

How Does the Process Work?

Perhaps the biggest question that many folks have in relation to video-remote interpreting services is how they’re able to access them, and how do they work in general?  Thankfully, it’s pretty simple.  It will likely depend on the services that you’re using as far as the specifics go, but there are some general things that we can highlight.

Typically, one of the first steps involved will be selecting the language that you need an interpreter for.  You can usually select one or more, if there are multiple languages that you need assistance in understanding.  From there, you’ll be connected to an expert interpreter.

You’ll be charged by the minute in most cases, unless there are different packages or options offered by the service you’ve gone with.  This can make some people worry, but the interpreters are professionals who will try to get everyone on the same page as quickly as possible.  They won’t pad out the time just so you have to pay more.

For emergencies, you can do this right away once you get to the starting portal.  However, you can also schedule appointments.  If you know that there’s a big conference call or even a one-on-one meeting coming up in your calendar, you can schedule an interpreter (or a few) to attend that via remote video conferences.

Whether you need one immediately or you want to schedule a date, access to language experts at the drop of a hat is definitely an awesome service.  We can use them in business transactions, on healthcare visits, and more – it will really just depend on what sort of operation you’re running.

Next time you need some help with bridging an understanding gap, we hope you think back on this article and are prepared to find the interpreters that you need!


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