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What Are The Best Delta 8 Vape Juice Brands Of 2022? 

Delta 8

Vaping is a popular method of consuming cannabis products. It is the quickest way to deliver the product into the bloodstream, allowing for the most immediate effect. However, while Delta 8 users like vaping, selecting the appropriate vape juice is the most critical step. Some available vaping products stand out in potency, quality and ingredients used. Significantly, when reviewing the top-rated vaping liquids, you must also consider their cost and the results from third-party labs.  

In this evaluation of the top five vaping juices, we will look at the quality and flavor of each product. Continue reading to learn about the finest Delta 8 vape juice brands on the market. 

1. CBD Genesis 

CBD Genesis is among the trusted delta 8 vape juice brands and is made with full-spectrum CBD oil. This high-quality e-liquid, with pure and strong delta 8 distillate, is bursting with taste and traditional euphoric emotions akin to delta-9-THC. CBD Genesis Delta 8 E-Liquid significantly features a solid 10mg/ml concentration, with 1000mg delta 8 packed into each 100ml container, enough to please most vapers. 

Similarly, to all CBD Genesis products, this CBD vape juice UK also contains no additives, preservatives, solvents, or other nasties. Third-party lab testing has also confirmed that no detectable THC is present in this product.  

Four delicious flavors are available in CBD Genesis Delta 8 Vape Juice: Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum, Starburst, and Watermelon. In spite of this, delta 8 effects are the same across all e-liquids. 

2. BudPop 

The oil used in BudPop’s vape carts is grown on Nevada hemp farms. Significantly, plants are naturally created without hazardous chemicals or other substances. However, they take longer to develop and flourish, the plants that have the highest potential. 

BudPop, a manufacturer of high-quality Delta-8 goods, has chosen to provide only two flavors in each of its vape carts because they believe this will appeal to all customers. Because they also adhere to the cruelty-free principle, their vape carts do not contain animal-derived materials, making them ideal for vegans and vegetarians. 

Grape Runtz and Strawberry Gelato are the two flavor options for BudPop’s Delta-8 vape carts. Both varieties have a delightful flavor and aroma, and you can buy them individually or in groups of three or five at once.  

3. Diamond CBD 

Diamond CBD only recently entered the cannabis market in 2015. This Delta-8 product manufacturer, with its headquarters in Florida and staff of academics, researchers, doctors, and even farmers has experienced rapid success. 

Diamond CBD is the only firm incorporating CBD and THC in its vape cart mix. They do this to increase effects while limiting euphoria caused by THC. 

Additionally, Diamond CBD has provided excellent discount rates to address the issue of their products and vape carts being expensive for some clients. They also offer an amazing customer service team to assist you with any questions. 

4. Hollyweed 

Hollyweed has only been around for five years, but it already has a devoted following among Americans who use cannabis. This is due to their dedicated hard work and provision of various cannabis products for daily usage by users. 

One of their most essential items is Hollyweed’s vape carts, which are available in various strains and tastes and have a potency ideal for most consumers. Significantly, they provide calming and relaxing effects immediately after inhalation and are a great combination of terpenes and Delta-8 THC.  

You can pick from ten different flavored carts at Hollyweed. Each cart has 900 mg of Delta-8 THC, the ideal potency for almost all users to enjoy. However, none of the carts have a THC concentration higher than the legal limit of 0.3%. 

5. Exhale Wellness  

This Los Angeles-based startup produces Delta-8 and CBD products from hemp using only ingredients grown domestically. 

The team behind Exhale Wellness is made up of a variety of personalities who are aware of the advantages and possibilities of THC products. Their vape carts are among the best Delta-8 things they have attempted to manufacture. 

This brand’s products, including its carts, have been tested at independent labs and comply with all relevant regulatory standards. Additionally, Exhale Wellness has a wide variety of flavors for carts. There are numerous choices, some more traditional (like gorilla glue or sour diesel) and others modern and fresher (such as the fruity cereal flavor). 

These flavors aren’t manufactured with chemicals or artificial coloring. For their Delta-8 THC carts, this manufacturer only offers one dose option, although most users discover that 900mg works the best. The THC levels are also within the legal limit allowed by federal law. 


It can be challenging to locate high-quality delta-8 vape liquids that perform well and taste excellent. Thankfully, we could identify five deltas and 8 vape juice brands that offer premium goods in mouth-watering flavors.  

Significantly, ensure that a brand’s standards are as high as yours by taking time to review the findings of independent lab tests. If they’re not, you should either move on to one of our top five favorite brands or start making your juice using a D8 distillate. 


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