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What are the Benefits of CRM System Integration with Omnichannel Call Center Software?

Ensuring a pleasant customer experience is critical in these modern tech days. You may be right to ask if that hasn’t always been the case. But think about it this way: Technology broke down barriers that existed before. Take the example of physical space. There was a time when you would be the only business owner in a specific niche within a particular location. Customers had no choice but to come to you for lack of an alternative.

But now, the digital space has given consumers so many choices that boundaries no longer matter. You could be in America but have customers in Africa.

Technology has also given rise to new marketing concepts. Multichannel and omnichannel experiences are some of the new catchphrases. The former has to do with the many touchpoints through which customers or brands can reach each other. We are talking about websites, social media, phones, SMS, and chat, to name a few.

While multichannel marketing is product-focused, omnichannel marketing is customer-centric. It is all about creating a seamless experience by integrating all the channels. But you need the right tools. And one of the most potent tools is omnichannel call center software with a CRM integration. Read on to explore the benefits for the business.

Understanding CRM Integration with the Omnichannel Contact Center Software

CRM integration with the omnichannel contact center software means creating a connection between the two systems. The end goal is to achieve higher efficiency in processes. Further, it makes the work of the omnichannel contact center salesforce easier.

Your omnichannel call center plays a critical role in customer interactions. Indeed, it takes the top position in creating that seamless omnichannel experience.

A CRM is where you store all the customer information you need to create or enhance the customer experience. It makes complete sense to integrate them for a better customer experience. But there are more advantages, as we will uncover below.

1. CRM Integration Enhances Access to Customer Data

Imagine an omnichannel contact center salesforce depending on spreadsheets to get customer information. As good as spreadsheets are, they don’t allow for much efficiency. A CRM integration ensures quick access to customer information. The data organization allows for prompt and personalized attention every time.

2. CRM Integration Improves Productivity

Using legacy systems in your omnichannel contact center can slow down productivity. The live agents waste time on manual processes like updating customer information. It becomes more difficult if they have to spend time looking for interaction data.

Imagine searching through hundreds of spreadsheets while a customer is waiting for feedback or having to refer to different add-ons for information. These things are done at the expense of what they should be doing, which is getting leads or driving conversions.

A CRM integration allows you to get the most out of your human capital. Automation of omnichannel call center communication will boost your processes.

Seamless data flow across the systems eliminates time-consuming manual processes. The teams can focus on what is essential: interacting with customers.

The CRM also improves follow-ups. You can automate the process to, for instance, send follow-up emails. This is important to ensure that the customer is happy with the level of service. And the teams do not have to spend time on tasks that automation can take care of.

Access to real-time information eliminates unnecessary delays in handling customer issues. Always keep in mind that customers need to feel like you value them. Their priority is immediate feedback based on their current need. It should not matter which agent is at the desk. They should be able to pick up where the last one left off without a lag in communication.

3. Better Accountability at the Omnichannel Contact Center

With CRM integration, agents can share pertinent information. All they need to do is log into a centralized database to access what they need. There is no need to repeat or request data as everything is available in the dashboard. Management can also keep track of the work progress of each agent. That drives up the level of accountability among the teams.

The ability to record calls is another plus. You can analyze the interactions and pinpoint areas that may need improving. The records also provide important references if there is a need to refer to them.

4. Cross-selling And Upselling Opportunities with CRM Omnichannel Contact Center Integration

Successful business people know that their interaction with customers continues after a sale. The truth is that this should be the beginning of long-term relationships.

There is so much opportunity to make extra sales with upselling and cross-selling. Cross-selling is the practice of promoting a related product alongside the primary one. An example would be wet wipes with the purchase of diapers.

Upselling offers upgrades or premium options. Take the example of encouraging the purchase of toppings for a scoop of ice cream.

So how would a CRM assist with this? Simple: you have all the customer data showing their purchasing behavior. This enables you to gain valuable insights such as future requirements, latent demand, and more to push products.

The omnichannel contact center salesforce can get a lot of data from interactions. That allows for the personalization of interactions. Furthermore, the ability to upsell or cross-sell. 

5. CRM Integration Allows For Superior Service Delivery to Customers

Remember how we talked about modern customers having so many choices in the introduction? The choice means the level of competition is at an all-time high. Getting and keeping customers is so much more than having good products or services. The customer experience you deliver may be your most potent tool. 

Here are some interesting customer service statistics to consider.

  • 82% of customers will pay more for a brand that offers exemplary customer service
  • 86% of customers will turn one-time clients into brand champions
  • 89% of customers will make a repeat purchase if the customer service is excellent

We could go on with these illuminating statistics, but you get the point. Yet, it helps to understand what good customer service means in an omnichannel experience. Well, it includes factors like:

  • Quick response to customer queries or concerns
  • Not having to repeat issues over and over again
  • Dealing with agents who have a good grasp of what the issues are
  • Zero to minimal waiting time for feedback
  • Zero to minimal call waiting, which you can take care of with omnichannel VoIP telephony, etc.

CRM integration provides the perfect solution for delivering superior service to customers. There is streamlining of data, quick access, and higher efficiency.

And, we can’t forget higher productivity amongst the live agents.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring a seamless experience across many channels is critical to an omnichannel approach. But it can get challenging without the right tool. An omnichannel contact center with CRM integration is the perfect solution.

We have looked at some of the benefits of investing in such things. At the end of the day, you will have happy customers who are likely to remain loyal to your brand.

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