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Since 2001, Zhuzhou Meetyou Carbide has been consistently outperforming their objectives in the hardmetal industry step by step. They are one of the most successful tungsten carbide manufacturers in China, and it is because of their love and passion for innovation as well as their determination that they have carved out a path to success.

Meetyou Carbide is a company that is known all over the world for producing high-quality carbide blanks and carbide cutting tools that can be used for a wide range of applications. In addition to offering a comprehensive product line, the company places a strong emphasis on continuously boosting your productivity through the use of novel approaches.

Private technology company Zhuzhou Meetyou Carbide is involved in the research and development, product design and production, as well as sales and marketing of cemented carbide goods. Now, the total fixed assets of the company are worth more than 100 million RMB, and the floor space exceeds 25,000 m2.

Solid Carbide Rods

Solid cemented carbide rods find widespread application in the manufacturing of high-quality solid carbide tools like milling cutters, end mills, drills, and reamers. In addition to that, it is also utilised in the production of tools for cutting, stamping, and measuring. Paper, packaging, printing, and the processing of non-ferrous metals are some of the industries that make use of it. Carbide rods have a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to cutting tools, drilling tools, input needles, various roll wore parts, and structural materials. In addition to this, it has a wide range of applications, including the automotive, chemical, petroleum, metallurgical, electronic, and defence industries, among others.

We manufacture and stock both unground and ground carbide rods for your convenience, as well as being specialists in tungsten carbide round bars. Our product line of coolant and solid carbide rods is second to none. The most popular choice among our customers is the H6 polished chamfered cutting tool blanks.


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