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Webmail Backup Tool to Backup & Export 1and1 Emails to Hard Drive

IONOS Webmail Login

Obtain a simple fix 1and1  cloud backup to be created from 1and1 Webmail backup. To download 1and1  emails to a local computer, hard drive, or webmail account, simply use the mail server backup. In a matter of seconds, the program offers users the finest 1and1  backup options for their 1and1  IONOS email account. The user can transfer emails from a 1and1 Webmail account to more than 30 different storage choices. Users can convert 1and1  IONOS webmail to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, EMLX, DOC, HTML, and other formats with this software for backing up 1and1 Webmail. Additionally, users can import their 1and1  email accounts into other file-saving programs, and Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Rediffmail, Exchange server, Windows Live Mail, and other programs. Consequently, read the article in its whole to export a 1and1 Webmail back up to over 30 different saving alternatives.

Concerning the 1and1 Webmail Application

IONOS Webmail Login is the new name for the 1and1  Internet firm. It offers web hosting services under the ownership of a German internet provider. In addition to being one of the biggest web hosts in the world, the company offers webmail, cloud storage, and app and website development services. You may access your emails on a web browser using 1and1  Webmail. Internet access is necessary for users to access their 1and1  webmail accounts. Users may need to choose from a variety of widely used file formats to move their 1and1  webspace backup to a local computer or different webmail accounts.

1and1 Webmail Backup Tool – A Superb Tool to Export Emails from 1and1  Cloud Backup

You must use the Zoom 1and1 Webmail backup tool if creating a 1and1  email backup is necessary. To export emails from a 1and1  email account to a PC or any webmail account, this is one of the greatest 1and1  backup solutions available. By selecting from a variety of widely used saving formats, you can save 1and1  email folders to 30+ saving options.Additionally, integrating sales management software can streamline your sales processes and enhance your team’s productivity.

The tool’s incredibly user-friendly UI lets you export 1and1  emails to over 30 different storing options. It offers a safe and 100% correct way to move emails away from the 1and1 Webmail server. Emails will all be kept in the same folders during the backup procedure. It guarantees data integrity—that is, that the data will not change while being backed up.

How Do I Save My 1and1  Emails on My Local Computer?

You must select the 1and1  webmail backup tool to create a copy of your 1and1  email account. Then, as explained below, carry out the entire process to backup your 1and1  webmail account:

Install the 1and1 Webmail backup utility on your PC.

Go through the 75+ Email Source List and select 1and1 Webmail, then enter your login information.

Choose the tool’s 1and1 Webmail Login option.

Your software panel loads all of your 1and1  account’s mailbox folders. Select the necessary 1and1  folder now, and from the 30+ saving options, select the preferred saving format.

email backup wizard, which saves one

To export 1and1  to Outlook, let’s choose the PST option from the list of saving options.

emails that were saved as PST

In addition to it, there are some alternative ways to convert necessary emails from 1and1  emails. By selecting necessary choices like File Naming, Language, Desired Saving Location, and the Advance Filter option to migrate 1and1  emails to Outlook or any other chosen file-saving method, the program enables you to back up your 1and1  webmail account.

email backup wizard’s storing choices

Once you have completed all necessary procedures, you must press the Backup button.

email backup wizard conversion procedure

The application imports a 1and1  account and all of its data items right into Outlook in a matter of seconds.

Numerous Saving Choices in the 1and1 Webmail Backup Tool

1and1 Webmail Export to Frequently Used File Formats: Invest in 1and1 Webmail backup software to create several backups of your 1and1  emails in different formats. Direct PST conversion is available for 1and1  emails. Exports of 1and1  emails can be made to MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, XPS, MHT, DOC, RTF, and HTML file formats.

Switch 1and1 Webmail Accounts to Webmail Accounts: You can export 1and1  cloud backup directly to multiple webmail login accounts with the 1and1 Webmail Backup tool. Direct import of 1and1  webmail to Gmail, export of 1and1  webmail to Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, G Suite, migration of 1and1  webmail to Office 365, migration of 1and1  webmail to Exchange Server, transfer of 1and1  webmail to, 1and1  webmail to Rediffmail, 1and1  webmail to Yahoo, IBM Verse, 1and1  webmail to Amazon Workmail, 1and1  webmail to IceWarp, and 1and1  webmail to IMAP account are all possible with this tool.

Benefits of 1and1 Webmail Backup Tool Utilization

Users can store 1and1  emails on their local PC with hundreds of capabilities offered by the tool. You can export 1and1  emails to over 30 different saving options based on your needs. Here are a few of the limited benefits of utilizing 1and1  backup software: –

  • Offers a variety of saving alternatives, ranging from 1and1  emails to over 30 saving possibilities.
  • lets you back up your 1and1  account indefinitely and without restrictions.
  • The hierarchical structure of the folders will not change while backing up.
  • offers the option to retrieve necessary emails from the system using the Advance Filter.
  • ability to download every folder from a 1and1 Webmail mailbox.
  • offers a backup procedure that is 100% accurate and safe for downloading emails from a 1and1  account.
  • offers the ability to backup specific folders from 1and1 Mail selectively.
  • A multilingual tool that allows users to utilize it in the language of their choice.

Last Remarks

You will find a solution to back up 1and1 Webmail to a local PC or webmail account in this article. Users can create 1and1  backups to over thirty different saving options by using 1and1  email backup software. It is one of the most sophisticated ways for customers to back up their 1and1  webmail account data in the format of their choice.

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