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Warrior 3S Rechargeable High Beam Tactical Flashlight for Handheld

Ignite the darkness and embrace the brilliance of the Warrior 3S high-beam tactical flashlight. As you step into the realm of unparalleled illumination, this exceptional tool becomes your steadfast ally, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Engineered for exceptional performance, this powerful dual-switch flashlight comes equipped with cutting-edge features that set it apart from the competition. The new version of Warrior 3S comes with black stonewash appearance. With an impressive output of up to 1850 lumens, the Warrior 3S black stonewash is designed to illuminate the darkest environments with its cool white LED and TIR optic lens. Its versatile 6 output settings, easily accessible through the side switch, offer the perfect lighting for every demand.

For tactical operations, the dual-stage tail switch enables swift access to essential settings like turbo and strobe, ensuring you’re always prepared for action. Plus, the newly integrated proximity sensor proactively adjusts brightness levels in case of obstructions, optimising your experience further.

Running on a long-lasting 5000 mAh 21700 battery, the Warrior 3S is easily rechargeable with the included MCC3 cable, and the battery and brightness indicators keep you well-informed about its status.

What makes the Warrior 3S high beam tactical flashlight a powerful and dependable choice for you?

Cool White LED with TIR Optic Lens

Experience unparalleled performance with the Warrior 3S tactical flashlight’s cool white LED and TIR optic lens. This powerful combination delivers an astounding output of up to 2,300 lumens. However, the black stonewash version delivers up to 1850 lumens, ensuring superior illumination even in the darkest environments.

The advanced technology propels light far into the distance, making it the ideal choice for any situation that demands high-performance lighting. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, engaging in self-defence measures, or carrying out law enforcement duties, the Warrior 3S will surpass your expectations with its leading-edge performance.

Long Runtime Tactical Flashlight: Up to 55 Days

Unleash the power of extended illumination with the Warrior 3S tactical flashlight, boasting an impressive runtime of up to 55 days. This exceptional longevity makes it the perfect companion for prolonged outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping.

Moreover, it ensures you’re always well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. Whether you’re traversing remote landscapes or navigating through urban environments, the long runtime of the Warrior 3S guarantees reliable and continuous light, offering peace of mind and enhanced safety during your expeditions.

Battery and Brightness Status at a Glance

Stay informed and in control with the Warrior 3S’s visual indicator interface. Positioned around the side switch, the flashlight features 4-level battery and brightness indicators, providing real-time reminders with just a glance. This intuitive design allows you to effortlessly assess the remaining battery life and brightness level, ensuring you never get caught off guard by a sudden loss of power. Stay on top of your lighting game, confidently venturing into the night with the assurance of knowing exactly when to recharge and how to adjust your lighting settings

Built-in Proximity Sensor for Enhanced Protection

Safety is paramount, and the Warrior 3S prioritizes your safety with its built-in proximity sensor. Activated in high, turbo, or strobe modes, the sensor diligently drops the brightness level when it detects nearby objects, preventing accidental glare or potential damage. For added convenience, the sensor can be disabled by simply double-pressing the side switch within 5 seconds of auto-dimming. This reliable feature guarantees optimal performance during tactical operations, safeguarding against obstructions and enhancing overall efficiency and the user experience.

Swift Action for Various Situations

In high-stress situations, quick and decisive action is essential. The Warrior 3S’s tactical tail switch is engineered precisely for this purpose. With its two-stage functionality, you can activate direct turbo or strobe modes with a single press, ensuring you meet your tactical needs with unparalleled ease. Whether you’re in law enforcement, engaging in self-defence, or requiring rapid illumination adjustments during critical tasks, this tactical tail switch empowers you to respond swiftly and effectively. Trust the Warrior 3S to be your reliable ally in diverse scenarios, granting you complete control when it matters most.

What sets the Warrior 3S apart from other tactical flashlights?

The Warrior 3S black stonewash stands out with its cool white LED and TIR optic lens that produce an impressive output of up to 1850 lumens, reaching far into the darkness. The built-in proximity sensor and dual-stage tail switch enhance its tactical capabilities.

How long does the Warrior 3S flashlight last on a single charge?

The Warrior 3S offers exceptional endurance, providing up to an astounding 55 days of runtime. Its long-lasting power makes it the perfect choice for extended outdoor adventures and emergencies.

How does the visualised indicator interface work?

The flashlight features a 4-level battery and brightness indicators around the side switch. This intuitive interface lets users quickly check the remaining battery life and brightness level at a glance, ensuring they stay prepared and in control of their lighting.


The Warrior 3S black stonewash high-beam tactical flashlight is a true beacon of excellence in the world of illumination. Its cutting-edge features, such as the cool white LED, TIR optic lens, and built-in proximity sensor, set it apart from the competition, delivering an impressive output of up to 1850 lumens. With its 6 output settings and tactical tail switch, it caters to a wide range of needs and scenarios, making it a reliable choice for law enforcement, self-defence, camping, and more.

The visual indicator interface and long-lasting 5000 mAh 21700 battery ensure that users stay well-informed and prepared for any situation, providing up to 55 days of runtime. Whether you are venturing into the great outdoors or handling critical tasks, the Warrior 3S has you covered.



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