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Virtual Offices and the Virtual Receptionist Service

Virtual offices are the co-working spaces that are increasingly becoming popular especially among small businesses or startups. This is because a shared space is much more cost effective as compared to a traditional office which helps startups avoid unnecessary overhead costs during their nascent period. Therefore, virtual offices make a lot of sense when it comes to start ups and individual entrepreneurs. A virtual office provides scores of digital convenience tools, one of which is a virtual receptionist service.

What is a Virtual Receptionist Service?

A virtual receptionist is a software designed to answer all calls coming in from customers. Virtual receptionists handle incoming calls, and also help customers with simple issues. Appointment scheduling, phone routing, and account information are examples of these requirements. Virtual receptionists are available in a variety of languages and can be customized to fit the needs of individual businesses or industries.

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How a Virtual Receptionist can Benefit Your Virtual Office?

The most modern technologies can swiftly gather information from customers and mimic a discussion. Since virtual receptionists can handle simple customer service, it allows real operators to concentrate on more difficult responsibilities. Customers will have shorter wait times, and call center employees will have less work to do. These solutions are also cost-effective, as they provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 12 months around the year. Therefore, with a virtual receptionist service in place, customers will not have to wait long for help with common problems as a result of this. It offers increasingly sophisticated help, resulting in lessening of workload from the human workforce.

Additionally, virtual receptionists assist large firms lower overhead costs because of maintaining a call service, and also allow small start ups to grow their customer service infrastructure quickly and save money to be spent on other vital business components. This is because, recruiting, and then training, call center employees may be a time-consuming and costly operation. While for a virtual receptionist, you do not need to spend on training and development as it can be easily deployed to supplement existing workers and construct the basis of your customer service initiatives.

Following are some of the attractive services of a virtual receptionist for a virtual workspace:

Making a Great First Impression on Clients

Usually, virtual office building front desk receptionists have a lot of work to do simultaneously, including answering calls for several organizations, receiving and transferring mail, and greeting visitors all at the same time. Callers may have to wait longer on hold, some calls may go unanswered, and helpfulness may be overlooked as responsibilities compete for the receptionist’s time. In contrast, a virtual receptionist service’s sole responsibility is answering phones in a professional and good manner. And for that, you do not have to seek a receptionist with a given professional background or train receptionists after hiring them. The virtual receptionist does it all, that is assisting callers and clients while also brightening their days. This may give your company the finest first impression because of a cheery, attentive receptionist responding to your clients on the phone.

No More Blind Transfers of Callers

Usually, traditional virtual offices transfer callers blindly, which results in customers getting annoyed with their complaints and queries going into an abyss. A receptionist, upon answering a call, transfers it to the concerned individual without even knowing whether he or she is able to take the call or not. Hence, the caller usually ends up in a voicemail. Moreover, the concerned individual does not get to know who is calling, that is he is not informed beforehand. This collectively lays a very bad impression.

On the other hand, a virtual receptionist’s main task is to answer calls, hence he or she can spend more time engaging positively with the caller. The receptionist, upon receiving a phone call, will first call the desired official to inform him about the call, and then direct the caller to the desired party. Moreover, the virtual receptionist can take messages on the behalf of the concerned official if he or she is unavailable, rather than throwing them into the voicemail abyss. Essentially, a virtual office’s phone handling capabilities are limited, but those of the virtual receptionists are not. They can ask prospective clients different questions. Any business can personalize its call handling as much as it requires.

Keeping the Clients Updated on the Return Call

Additionally, with the help of a virtual receptionist, companies can also let their clients know when to expect a return call. This would require letting the virtual receptionist service know where the desired officials are. This helps in keeping the clients up to date and set their expectations high with regard to the answering of their queries and alleviation of their concerns.

In a nutshell, a virtual receptionist is a huge help as it will not only answer incoming calls but will also schedule appointments and save lots of time and resources of virtual businesses. It will handle your clients’ phone calls while you concentrate on more essential things.

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