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Use of Flow Control Valves in Medical Field

Managing the flow rate of the gases and their pressure is essential in the treatment of the patients. Flow rate and pressure is controlled with the help of the   that are installed in the medical devices. So that they can work precisely. They deliver the accurate flow rate and pressure that is enough for providing the quality treatment to the patients. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type and size of the flow control valve that has the ability to meet the requirements of the systems and can provide the user with a strong control over the flow control and other process variables. 

Here we have listed some uses of flow valves in the medical field:

Ventilation and Respiratory Therapy:

A flow control valve plays the key role in the ventilation and respiratory therapy equipment. Electronic air flow control valves are used to control the mixture of the oxygen and air for delivering it to the patients. This is the main feature of the ventilators that is used for the intensive care of the patients. They have the ability to provide the precise flow rate and pressure of the oxygen for better treatment. In ventilation and respiratory therapy, these flow regulator valves ensure the regulation of accurate flow and pressure according to the need of the process and the patient.  

Surgical Equipments:

Handling of gas and fluid is essential in the medical field. That’s why electronic air flow control valves are largely used for the comfort, proper treatment and the safety of the patient in all the major and minor surgical processes. These facilities depend upon the flow control valves for the precise mixing of gases that are used in the anaesthesia and for surgical processes. Moreover, these valves help a lot in invasive surgeries that depend upon gas insufflations. Valves are used to create or expand the small cavities in the body so that the room can be created for endoscopy or robotic surgery.  

Therapeutic Devices:

In therapeutic devices, an electronic air flow control valve controls the flow rate of the air  and maintains a constant state of the pressure as per the need of the patient. It helps to apply a gentle pressure on the legs of the patient who is in the recovery face. This process reduces the chances of having blood clots. Flow adjustment valves also serve in pneumatically driven shock wave therapy devices where air pressure is necessary to control with great care. This pressure basically changes the power of the shock wave that is applied on the affected tissues of the body. It’s essential for both of these devices to meet pressure and flow requirements as per the need of the patient. Flow control valves help a lot in fulfilling these requirements.  

Final Words:

Using an electronic air flow control valve is essential in medical devices and equipment. Because these valves serve various purposes for the accurate treatment of the patients and keeps the system and the patients safe. 

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