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Unwind in Style: Trendy and Functional Camping Chairs for Your Next Trip


After a long working week, you might need to get out of the city’s buzz and unwind. A perfect way of achieving relaxation is going into the great outdoors. And whether you take a trip to the national park or a campground, you will need the right camping gear to be comfortable and enjoy the experience. A great camping chair is one of the must-have items that some often overlook. 

The thought of a camping chair might conjure an image of a $10 special out front of a big-box retailer. But it would be best if you reorient yourself to a higher standard. Go for a comfortable chair that easily folds, is supportive, and is made to last even in tumble and rough weather. 

In addition, the chair has to be trendy and functional. Here is a list of these chairs that you can consider for your next trip.

1. Front Runner Expander Camping Chair

Most campers would look for a camping chair that offers functional storage and is durable and comfortable. The Expander Camping Chair by Front Runner fits the bill nicely, offering all these features. But that is the tip of the iceberg; the seats can expand into normal full-size shapes but at the same time pack down into a slim packable item. 

The build quality is of a high standard, and the moving parts remain strong and sturdy for a long time. As for the storage, there is a small pocket and a cup holder on one side and a large pocket on the other. 

So, if you are looking for your first camping seat or simply want to upgrade, this is one of the best options. You will get this seat from Front Runner at £89 and make your friends jealous during your next trip. 


2. NEMO Stargaze Reclining Chair

You might be looking for something different: something rich in features without compromising on the basics. Then, the NEMO Stargaze is the seat for you. This reclining seat is equal parts rocking chair, hammock, and recliner. 

It has a mostly mesh body suspended above an aluminum frame, allowing it to swing, recline, and stay upright – easily and equally. When it comes to features, the Nemo Stargaze is no slouch. 

The seat has much to offer: a well-thought-out carrying case, a padded headrest, and a pocket at each side for stowing small electronics and beverages. Not forgetting, the overall build is superb, with everything looking and feeling robust, from the straps to the frame to the mesh. 

You will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket to get the Stargaze. NEMO recently upgraded this seat, making it wider with a larger headrest and a streamlined pole design making the setup much easier. Consequently, the price rose from approximately $50 to $300. But with all the features, you would enjoy so much from this seat despite the high cost. 

3. Kijaro Dual Lock

The Kijaro Dual Lock chair is a sturdy, quick-drying, durable high seat with multiple cup holders. It is an affordable chair that retails at about $60 but sometimes goes for less. The seat locks itself in a firm, taut position, which is comfortable and better than cheap seats which bow and sag. 

This chair has a 20-inch clearance off the ground, making it snug for average-sized and tall individuals. It is slightly bulky when you fold it but has shoulder straps convenient on the case and a chair for transportation. This is the perfect seat if you are searching for an improvement over less durable cheap chairs without breaking the bank. 

3. Kelty Low Loveseat

Camping chairs do not have to accommodate a single person; you can opt for a seat you can share. The Low Loveseat is the perfect example of a cozy and practical resting place for two. It offers durability, thick fabric, quality construction, and a strong steel frame. However, the materials make cumbersome to carry around since they are heavy-duty. 

The great news is this seat has a well-designed case wrapped around the buckles and chair, making it easy to pack. So, the Low Loveseat is well-designed and comfortable and gives an easy solution in various scenarios. They also offer a three-person couch, a standard-height seat, and a lowdown chair, so you have numerous options. 

4. YETI Trailhead

The YETI Trailhead is a high-end camping chair that is arguably the strongest and most comfy chair you will ever use. It is soft, supportive, and springy, holding users in a relaxed posture and intimately supporting your curves with no pressure. The Trailhead’s material is extremely breathable, which gives it a great feel on warm days. 

You will have an easy time folding this seat, and though it is a bit heavy, the backpack case is well-paddled, making it easy to carry. If longevity and unmatched levels of comfort are what you are craving, this seat will serve you well. 


Unwinding and relaxing are prerequisites to improving your mental well-being. And to make the experience worthwhile, you must be equipped with the right gear and equipment. Do not overlook a camping chair; it will make the difference between relaxing and being reminded that your bones are not getting younger. The above seats are a benchmark of what you can consider. So, look at each and understand your needs, and you will have a great outdoor experience. 


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