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Track Loved Ones: Best Cell Phone Tracker App for Personal Use


Family is the utmost important thing in anyone’s life. We are ready to cross any mountain or river just for the sake of our family. This is applicable all around the world. But families today are more connected digitally than in real life. See, there are times when parents know about any event in their kid’s life through Instagram posts or Snap. Well, this is the reality they have to live with. But things can be specifically changed and controlled in the best manner. It is through the use of cell phone tracker or spy app technology. 

A simple cell phone app offers insights about loved ones through the information gathered via smart gadgets. It can be Android or iPhone. Select an app that covers both operating systems, and your life will be stress-free. 

Top Best Features Of Cell Phone Tracker App

One of the apps OgyMogy, offers Android and iOS monitoring features, especially parental control features. Besides that, Windows and Mac devices can also  monitor with the help of this app. Here are some of the features that can  use to track loved ones.

Camera Bug:

The cell phone tracker offers access to the front and rear cameras of the target device. Parents can watch the kids when they are out to play or study with their friends. The feature is best for tracking when the kids are in any form of trouble.

Mic bug Feature:

Live listen surrounding of the kids through the phone mic with mic bug feature. The feature best tracks any secret chat or discussion between kids and third parties. All you need to do is install the one on the target device, and you are good to go.

Keystroke Logging:

If you are worried about a kid’s secret account details or passwords, the OgyMogy spy app even offers a feature. The keystroke logging or keylogging feature records all the keypads applied to the target device. Any second or third social media account or any other digital account can be tracked along with their credentials. 

Text Message Record:

It is simply a piece of cake to kick into the text message folder of the kid with the text tracking feature. All the sent and received text message content can be checked and monitored. Even you can know about the sender under details as well. 

Call Log:

The call log feature gives remote access to the kids’ incoming and outgoing phone book records. All the call log data is saved and reported to the parents. This is the best way to track any spam or stranger calls. Parents can block such calls and ensure the kids remain safe and protected. 

Call Recording:

Besides access to the call log feature, parents can listen to any particular or all the calls. With secret call recorder app, all the incoming and outgoing calls of the kids can be recorded easily. The feature can help track any blackmail or bullying incident through cell phone services. 

Real-Time Screen:

Real-time screen alerts are offered to the parents, making it possible for the parents to have remote access to the kid’s screen at any given time. Parents can check if they are texting, playing games, or busy on calls at any time or late at night. 

Screen Shots:

Besides real-time surprise access, the OgyMogy cell phone tracker app also saves screenshots and short video recordings of the kid’s screen. So if you are a busy parent who does not have time for surprise screen visits, there are screenshots and short video recordings for you.

Track Internet Browsing:

Keep an eye on the browsing history of the kid’s gadget with the spy app technology. Parents can know about all the websites visited by their kids. They can even know about the frequently visited sites and their recent interests and hobbies. The software can track and monitor Google Chrome, Safari, and many other popular browsers. 


Parents must block the website or content immediately if they find anything targeting or stressful in their browsing history. In that way, spy app technology not only highlights the issue but also gives parents the power to eliminate it. 

All the popular social media and instant messenger chat apps can also be monitored with the help of efficient cell phone tracker technology. 

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