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Top Three Countries to Move in for Higher Studies

Higher Studies

Immigration is a lengthy and stress-stimulating process with a bundle of rules and regulations all over the world. Countries across the globe offer education to international students and invite them to do higher and master studies. Along with education prospects, they also avail jobs and work opportunities to survive there with no hassle. So today we are going to talk about the top three friendly countries that are gaining popularity among global students. Also, come to know about top Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh that has been helping millions of students to get VISA in these top countries.

Canada: A blessing to students

Canada is Indians’ favorite country to move in for studies and work. A promising future in Canada attracts students from all over the universe. Every year there is an increase in immigration applications. The easy and smooth immigration process makes Canada a favorable nation. Its flexible visa approval policies, fast study, and work permit are the main reasons students love to go there.

Canada Immigration Process

Canada’s immigration scheme is considered to be the most efficient technique worldwide. Canada offers easy means to immigrate there from any country.

Express Entry

Express Entry is among the most prevalent immigration schemes in Canada. This program is the first immigration process that evaluates people’s eligibility through a points-based system. It was established in the year 2015. The allied department of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) handles all the Express Entry application forms. In this program, the VISA approval process takes around six months and students need to have around 70 points to make an Express Entry profile.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Below are the steps that need to be followed if one applies for VISA through PNP.

  • Apply in the area where you want to get settle
  • If the candidate’s profile matches the eligibility PNPcriteria he could be nominated to apply for a PR visa.
  • Once the candidate gets nominated by the province he can apply for a PR

Eligibility rules

Here are the eligibility rules that need to be fulfilled before applying for the VISA.

  • Academic certificates
  • Resume profile
  • IELTS/CELPIP bands
  • French language skills (for Quebec)
  • References & legal documentation
  • Canadian employment documentation

Australia: A secure nation to study

Australia greets brilliant students from all over the globe with an effortless and supple immigration approach and protocols. Australia offers different kinds of immigration visas, like student visas, work visas, temporary visas, short-stay work visas, skilled visas, and travel visas. The provision of permanent residency and post-study work permits delivers global learners a more reasonable opportunity to make their career in the nation.

The Skill Select Migration Program is an online program that has been made to aid to file an online Expression of Interest (EOI) for students who have done graduation from Australia and look for permanent residency. Friendliness, laid-back nature, exceptional education technique, and utmost lifestyle make Australia a better place to live and study.

Australia Immigration Procedure

  • One requires to pick their occupation, if mentioned, from SOL/ CSOL, to apply.
  • Obtain the skills evaluation proof from the applicable assessing officer.
  • If immigrating to Australia under the sponsorship/nomination subclass, you need to have a sponsorship or nomination from an Australian state.
  • One requires to manifest and hand over an EOI.
  • Once the profile gets finalized and a person gets mail of an invitation to apply, they require to apply along with the immigration fees within the next 60 days for visa approval.

The United Kingdom (UK): Hub of top universities and colleges

Millions of international candidates come to study in the UK every year, which makes UK one of the most promising and favorite places for education. With a diverse crowd and prominence for eminent schooling, the UK is a true-to-life location for international aspirants to rush in. And for people all over the world striving for English-language studies, what better place can be to learn than the land that originated the language?

Eligibility standards:

  • The points-based practice is adopted in the UK.
  • For trained workers, a job offer is needed.
  • Applicants must prove their skills to communicate in English(IELTS)
  • Highly skilled professionals must be approved by a UK authority, and don’t need a job offer.
  • Students who desire to study in the UK need to clear a points-based system and show proof of an admission letter from the selected college, as well as English proficiency and financial means.
  • One needs to have 70 points to apply for VISA

Anyone who wants to apply for any of the above three mentioned countries should consult a trusted VISA consultant so that he can get the right guidance. A good VISA consultant must possess the following characteristics so that he/she can instruct you correctly and get your visa in the minimum time.

  • Complete knowledge of Canadian immigration laws
  • Strong communication skills
  • Quality of a talented team player
  • Robust education experience
  • A skilled polyglot

To sum up the article it’s up to a student to which country he/she wants to immigrate. Anyone who is looking to move to Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and the USA must take professional support to get familiar with the immigration process. Western Overseas is the hub of the city’s best Study Visa Consultants in Ambala. We would like all students to meet us and share your profile to discuss with our VISA consultant so that you can avail the best opportunities to move to your desired country.

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