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Top Leased Line Companies

In an era where business connectivity is becoming more and more essential, leased lines are a great option for businesses to consider.

Most leased line providers use other carriers networks and offer their own branded product but each has their “on-net” areas which can be very different.

The top leased line companies have been ranked based on their customer support and value for money.

1. BT Openreach

BT Openreach is responsible for the wires, poles and ducts that connect every home and business to the phone and broadband network. The division is worth tens of billions to the FTSE 100 company and has long been linked with a sale.

Calls grew louder for it to be split off into a legally separate company. BT has now reached an agreement with communications regulator Ofcom to do just that. The new company will work independently and take investment decisions for the industry, not just BT.

2. Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a well-known provider of business broadband, TV and phone services in the UK. They have a strong customer service brand and have some of the best leased line costs for small businesses.

They offer a range of leased lines which include DIA Lite for growing organisations, DIA 100 for resilient connectivity and DIA 300 for fast growth businesses. They also offer a variety of Ethernet first mile options which are subject to a site survey.

3. TalkTalk

TalkTalk is one of the UK’s largest broadband providers and offers a range of packages at various speeds. It’s also a good choice for those looking to build a combined broadband, TV and call plan.

Its latest offering is full fibre FTTP services, powered by Openreach’s Fibre to the Property network. These provide very quick download speeds, though upload rates aren’t as good as some competitors.

TalkTalk’s customer service is generally rated as average by users and it also has relatively high levels of complaints to Ofcom.

4. SSE

With SSE, organizations can deploy essential security technologies like SWG, CASB, ZTNA, cloud firewall (FWaaS), cloud data loss prevention (DLP), and cloud browser isolation in one platform. Prioritize entirely cloud-delivered SSE solutions to minimize equipment expenses and simplify policy management.

Organizations that evaluate separate vendors for each technology risk significant integration investments – at the time of deployment and in the long term. This approach also leads to visibility gaps that require more point solutions for contextual awareness.

5. Sky

Sky isn’t the cheapest option but they do provide a great service and have a wide coverage of the UK. Their leased lines are fast, reliable and come with a high uptime SLA.

hSo are a IT cloud and telecoms solution provider that offers leased lines on an Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or fibre basis. They offer symmetrical speeds and low latency with 24/7 UK based support and monitoring. They also offer a range of other connectivity solutions.

6. Cable & Wireless

In the early 1990s Cable & Wireless became involved with other companies in laying the first private telephone cable across the Atlantic. The new cable was known as TAT-1.

The company diversified further by opening Mercury Communications, which provided business and long-distance services. Mercury now operates what it calls a global digital highway, connecting customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

As more U.K. overseas possessions gained independence, they often took over the companies’ external telecommunications systems. In such cases Cable and Wireless became junior partner, rather than owner.

7. Vodafone

In the early 2000s, Vodafone expanded internationally by acquiring foreign associates and subsidiaries. It merged with AirTouch, a large cellular telephone company on the U.S. West Coast, and acquired Mannesmann AG in the largest merger of its time.

They offer leased lines for small businesses and boast competitive prices and excellent customer support. Their wide area coverage is also ideal for smaller companies. They are highly rated for their internet leased line products. They also offer optional DDoS protection and advanced firewalls for maximum security.

8. Colt

A leased line from Colt is dedicated to you and your business so you don’t have to share with other users. It’s also much faster than standard broadband connections, delivering symmetrical download and upload speeds.

They also offer competitive pricing, which is good for smaller businesses on a budget. Plus, their leased lines are scalable, meaning you can increase bandwidth as your business grows. They’re also award-winning, having received numerous accolades for their network quality. This includes a Gold rating on EcoVadis, which was achieved less than 12 months ago.


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