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Top Challenges that AI Training Solves for Various Industries

If you are looking out for a decent opportunity in the technology world, AI training in Bangalore will get you ready for the journey with just the right kind of skills and expertise. According to the leading AI jobs research firms, by 2030, 90 percent of the jobs around the world would either be supervised by machine learning applications or by people who are trained in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning courses. 

So, what really happens to the remaining ten percent of the jobs? Would they remain relevant to your portfolio? And, if 90 percent of the jobs are centered around AI skills, could you really expect a good compensation and salary? And, if this is going to be true, would you be ready to take the next steps with the skills that would get you a great promotion? 

In the recent years, we have found how IT professionals, despite having all the skills and knowledge required to go ahead in the AI world, are hesitant to go with a data science certification! 

There are four reasons for the hesitancy among IT professionals and how to turn these into opportunities to get at least double the salary of what you are getting now or ever dreamed of:

Unable to relate digital transformation with industry jobs:

Digital transformation first impacted the IT world. No doubt about that! When we slowly saw the shift from subscription-based software based economy to a more robust SaaS and Cloud business model, we should have realized that the AI too would go the same way. And, today, many organizations are not only using AI for their digital transformation but also providing AI services to others to help them with their own digital transformation too! 

However, only 10 percent of the digital transformation programs ever see their final destination or get a reasonable outcome as foreseen by the investors and business owners. To change this scenario, AI models are required. AI learners can make a great impact on these models by bringing in newer dimensions to the field. Best trainers provide suitable case studies and practical examples to help business decision makers relate the need to digitally transform their operations with finalized outcomes that generate good profits. 

The collapse of Retail! 

The pandemic has left a big impact on the retail ecosystems taking the charm away from the conventional supply chain and logistics management companies. Today, these companies have understood that the retail industry would move to AI completely in the coming years. The age of Web 3.0, metaverse, and NFTs are driving retail trends and this is demonstrated in the way large brands are able to migrate their offerings to digital space. 

But, what do you think will be happening to those who fall into the categories of the local retailers and brick and mortar shops? Will they be able to survive the onslaught? 

According to AI researchers, the collapse of retail is a transformative phase for e-commerce companies who would leverage marketing and email automation tools to reach their customers in digital space, taking away the position from physical spaces! 

Financial Frauds:

Did you know that the world loses trillions of dollars every year to different kinds of financial fraud and money laundering activities? The major breach happens when the money trails are not traced to the source and destinations. This also advances in supporting anti social activities like terrorism, cyber frauds, human trafficking, poaching, data hacking, and so on. The world of cyber security is one of the biggest industries where AI applications are widely used. AI learners get up to 3-4 times more compared to others.

Job security 

Everyone in the IT domain understands that some roles will never die out. There is no need to acquire newer skills, like AI and machine learning. This was in 2015. Fast forward to 2022, the world has turned around big data analysis, Automated Machine Learning, Virtualisations, Remote working, and IT security. So, if you are looking to go for a promotion, lose the hesitancy and pursue a solid AI training in Bangalore with some of the smartest mentors in the country.

If you are looking to get a 2X job salary in your next shot, AI certification will get you a great position with the leading transformational companies that either service to other equally competitive organizations or start up subsidiaries that require great ML talent.

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