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Top 5 Online Paraphrasing Tools You Need to Know About

If you are grappling to create an engaging, well-curated, and plagiarism-free copy, be it a blog, essay, or thesis, you surely need some assistance. 

Not to mention, Google no more gives any favor to duplicated ideas or content. If it finds your website copying the material from someone else’s website, it will instantly penalize the duplicated content on the website.  

A paraphrasing tool can help you rewrite a unique and plagiarism-free piece of text that can otherwise require an ample amount of time and effort. 

In addition to making your writing stand out, they’re meant to help you get your point over in a brief and straightforward manner. Moreover, they also strengthen your writing skills. You may utilize these resources, whether you are a student, a blogger, or simply a person who likes to write.

Using a paraphrasing tool makes it simple to verify that your writing is original and, thus, free of plagiarism and related risks. We’ve compiled a list of the top paraphrase tools in the article below that you must need to know about. 

Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools You Need to Know

Choosing an excellent paraphrasing tool is mandatory to make your material free of plagiarism while writing on the same topic over and over again. 

No matter how good your content writing and editing expertise are, there is a limit to how much you can write, and online paraphrasing algorithms lessen this stress to a certain level.

You will get a leg up on your writing skills with the help of these tools. Despite having an idea of what you want to say, you may not find the right words to express it. 

These tools enable you to focus better and produce better material. After thorough research and trial, we have gathered 5 excellent free online paraphrasing tools for you.

So, let’s explore them one by one. 

1. Paraphrase tool – Editpad

EditPad performs as your writing suite in the form of an online text editor. But this tool has its integrated tools, which are free for everyone. 

The paraphrasing tool by EditPad provides you the freemium experience you’ve been looking for in an ideal tool.

  • Wordcount support

This paraphrasing tool allows you to rephrase up to 1000 words per usage without any weekly or daily limit. It does not ask for sign-up or registration, so you can use this tool as often.

  • Multiple Paraphrasing Styles

The EditPad paraphrasing tool gives you four options to rephrase the content in various tones and writing styles. There is no limitation on the premium feature, so you can apply all the writing modes to find the best readability for your content.

  • Extensive Language Selection

With the EditPad paraphrasing tool, you can rephrase the content in 17 different languages. So now you don’t have to translate the content into English before paraphrasing.

  • Document Upload and Download

Besides pasting the text directly in the input box, you can also choose to upload the document file. Once the text is rephrased, the tool will allow you to copy or download the text as an editable text file for free.


Give your content a unique flip with this online paraphrase tool. With this free tool, you can expect to rephrase the 1000 characters in one go. 

It makes use of a sophisticated algorithm to identify and substitute words with their synonyms automatically, along with rephrase expressions and phrases.

  • Easy processing 

Working on this tool to rewrite content is easy. It converts the existing text into a unique piece that has the same meaning as the original. Copy paste content, and tab on the “Paraphrase!” button. That’s it. 

It only takes a few seconds and you are given the rewritten material with good readability and meaning. 

  • Change the synonyms 

It allows you to change the synonyms of the selected words. Choose the word and see the synonyms provided below, pick up the one that reads the text best. 

  • Free usage 

Although the use is absolutely free, it offers limited features such as it does not give extraordinary results in comparison to the original text. Moreover, it does not work best for larger pieces of content such as blogs and articles because of its character limitation. 

  • Less character limitation

Additionally, you are limited to a total of 1,000 characters when paraphrasing with this tool. If the volume of your material exceeds this, you will have to utilize the tool many times, which will obviously add time to the processing.

3. Clever spinner

Next comes Clever Spinner on the top best paraphrasing tool list. It is known to be one of the cheapest online paraphrasing tools that you will never see compromising on quality. That’s right. 

Utilizing its smart artificial intelligence algorithms, it will provide you with original, creative, and budget-friendly text copies. 

  • Convenient interface

Clever Spinner has the most elegant and easy-to-use interface that makes it more convenient for users who’re looking for the best paraphrasing tools. 

  • Rich library 

Its rich and vast library has millions of synonyms and vocabulary that give results of your desired quality. 

  • AI algorithms 

The AI algorithm completely understands the context of the text and comes up with similar ideas in a more creative way that also enhances the readability of the text. 

  • Cheapest pricing plans

This tool comes at the lowest price of $9.90 per month which is pretty affordable for individual writers, bloggers, or even students.

4. WordTune 

Wordtune paraphrasing tool serves its best when it comes to challenges, especially while composing content in English.

 It completely grasps the original text and focuses solely on rewriting in a clear and more comprehensive way without altering the core of it. 

Using AI and Machine Learning, it is one of the finest rewriting tools to alter the existing material in a distinctive way while keeping it original and exceptional.

  • Multiple writing modes

To rewrite your articles, blogs, and essays, it offers different writing modes to choose from such as casual, formal, shorten and expand. 

  • Multi-language rephraser

Wordtune performs best in English but it also understands and translates the text in other languages too such as Korean, Arabic, Russian, etc. 

  • Chrome extension 

Its chrome extension has made it easier for you to use this amazing tool on Google Docs, Outlook, Slack, and so on. 

  • Pricing plans 

The free plan is available but you can choose the premium plan according to your requirements. After 7 days of the free trial, you need to pay $9.90 for a month to use its services. It also offers a premium for teams, but for that, you need to contact its sales team.  

5. Linguix

At the end of the list, we have Linguix.

Linguix is an excellent rephrasing tool that you can use for your rewriting tasks. It can be used for free. If you want, you can also sign up. Signing up will remove some of the limitations on the usability.

Here are some features that you can enjoy with this tool.

  • Nice and Simple Interface

With Linguix, you don’t have to worry about navigating around different menus and screens to get to the paraphrasing tool. When you load it up, you’ll get a input box right in the center of the screen where you can enter your text.

  • Intelligent Working

Linguix utilizes AI-based algorithms for providing intelligent rewriting outputs. The context is not lost, and the rewritten text has the same meaning as the original.

  • Multiple Rewrite Choices

After you select your sentence, you will be given multiple rewrites to choose from. This can help you customize the output according to your preference.


Hunting for an excellent paraphrasing service is a fight of its own. Well, this guide is to assist you in choosing the right paraphrasing tool that fits your convenience and budget. 

For writers, bloggers, students, and scholars, the above-mentioned 5 best tools will work wonders in completing their writing tasks more quickly than ever before. 

On a side note, it is also important to proofread the rephrased content carefully before passing it further whether for online publication or academic assignment submission. 

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