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Top 5 Must-Have Amenities for Your Vacation Rental

Vacation rental properties are becoming very popular these days. They provide better accommodation than hotels in that they offer a home experience as opposed to a single room offered by hotels. They provide a “home away from home” experience; hence, they are suited for families and groups of people. 

As a host, it is good to ensure that your vacation rentals have the basics and other amenities to satisfy and exceed guests’ expectations. While there are numerous amenities that you can provide, this article will only look at the basic ones. 

A Welcome Book and Other Information

Every vacation rental house should have a guest welcome book containing basic house rules and helpful local information such as nearby tourist attractions. More so, it should have emergency contacts in case the guests need them. If your vacation rentals are in the best cities for Airbnb, you can check the competitors’ guest welcome books or information to know what to include in yours. Make it as detailed as possible with all relevant information to make your guests comfortable and safe. 

Wi-Fi and Entertainment

Fast internet is a basic need nowadays. Having this in your vacation rental will make the guests feel like they are in their own home. This also goes hand in hand with a smart TV that can stream movies, music, and other entertainment programs. A good music system would also complement the entertainment package you offer to your guests. Reliable Wi-Fi will definitely help the working nomads, especially if you provide a work station. 

Toiletries and Sanitation Amenities

All vacation rental properties should have basic toiletries and sanitation amenities. These include toilet paper rolls, hand and body soaps, shampoos, shower gels, and more. Also, include some equipment that can help guests do simple cleaning in case there is a mess or need. A vacation rental that is well equipped with these amenities is likely to satisfy the guests more.

Equipped Kitchen and Refreshment Amenities

One of the amenities that has distinguished vacation rentals from hotels is the kitchen. Ensure your vacation rental homes have all the basic kitchen appliances such as a stove, refrigerator, microwave, blender, and a set of crockery and cutlery. Whether someone has rented a vacation home for a family or by themselves, they need a functional kitchen where they can cook or prepare meals. The more equipped the kitchen and dining area are, the better for the guests. 

Safety Features

Safety is paramount for guests while on vacation. Therefore, include various safety features in your vacation rental homes such as outdoor security cameras, smoke detectors, an equipped first-aid kit, and emergency numbers that we already mentioned. Your guests are likely to appreciate any effort you make to save them from accidents, injuries, or any other harm. In fact, most of these amenities are part of legal compliance, making them must-have amenities. 


You can provide many other amenities such as indoor family games, a safe, smart home devices, and many others. However, ensure that you have the basic amenities we just mentioned so that your guests can enjoy their stay. Your vacation rentals will also build a good reputation, which will create a huge customer base and recommendations.

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