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Top 5 Benefits Of Using Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless Fire Alarm System

One of the most cutting-edge wireless fire alarm systems on the market today, Zerio Plus provides businesses with many advantages. It is a shining example of cutting-edge innovation in the constantly developing field of fire detection, demonstrating progress in wireless fire alarm technology.

Zerio Plus is reliable in a world where safety is paramount. Due to its early detection capability, it shields buildings from the unforeseen threat of fire. Zerio Plus provides a combination of automatic fire detection and manual triggers from call points & interfaces allowing the system to go into alarm.

The optical smoke detectors benefit from selectable sensitivity facilitating an early warning activation should the environment require it.

Step into the future of fire protection with Zerio. Here are the top five benefits of using Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System:

1. Easy To Install

Easy To Install

Unlike hard-wired systems which require cabling and drilling throughout the property, the Zerio Plus devices are completely wireless, and the only cabling required would be the main supply to the panel.

A simple site survey can determine the signal strengths throughout the property. The system can have up to 240 devices which will accommodate for any future expansion of the system.

The system can be programmed via the front panel with no software required allowing for complex free setup.

2. Has Easy Maintenance

Has Easy Maintenance

All signal strengths can be viewed via the panel or can be downloaded onto a USB flash drive, allowing you to confirm the system operation on completion or to be checked during routine service visits.

Navigating the user-friendly menu interface is simple and will allow you to access the one-man walk test which can allow for silent or audible tests of each zone.

3. High Reliability

High Reliability

The Zerio Plus system is the third generation of system from Electro Detectors.

With each generation, the battery life and signal range has been improved.

All signal strengths can be easily viewed via the panel or downloaded onto a USB, ensuring that you can easily monitor the strengths and check if anything has changed.

4. Flexible


The system can be easily programmed through the front panel and there is no special software needed to program.

The system can even be preprogrammed for you if ordered from Discount Fire Supplies.

If any changes are made to the property then you are easily able to make amendments to the system, be it relocating or adding devices.

5. Cost-Effective


Although the cost of the equipment may be more than a hard-wired system, this will be outweighed by the fact that there is minimal cable required. This will result in a much faster installation.

The savings with cable and installation time should greatly outweigh the equipment cost.

Bottom Line

There are several advantages to using the Zerio Plus wireless fire alarm system. This system has several benefits that all enhance your security measures, including ease of installation, dependability, affordability, and remote accessibility.

Installing cutting-edge safety equipment is as simple as flicking a wrist with Zerio Plus. However, it goes beyond simplicity and considers cost and performance without compromising quality. You may modify Zerio Plus to suit your needs.

Zerio Plus is the ideal commercial companion and an excellent business partner for businesses. Due to its versatility, it may easily change to satisfy the constantly shifting requirements of your environment.

Thanks to Zerio Plus’ SMS gateway you can monitor your property at all times and from any location.

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