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Top 10 HDI PCB Manufacturers in the World


HDI PCB circuits are multilayered circuits with a large number of interconnections using microvias and thru-hole vias. The circuit’s fabrication is much more difficult than other traditional PCB circuits. As a result, experienced and professional HDI PCB manufacturers are required for its fabrication.

This specialized circuit needs laser-drilled microvias in its fabrication along with sequential lamination, which only reliable HDI PCB manufacturers are able to achieve. HDI PCB manufacturers are evolving as the demand for HDI printed circuit boards is rising, particularly in the electronic and electrical industries.

Numerous world-class HDI PCB manufacturers can fabricate reliable and economical HDI PCBs. However, choosing the best among them can be a challenge. Hence,in this blog we will discuss the top ten HDI PCB manufacturers who offer high-quality HDI PCBs for your electronics.

Meiko Electronics

Meiko Electronics is one of the best HDI PCB manufacturers in the world. They are based in Japan, and since their establishment, the company has earned a great reputation among HDI PCB manufacturers. Their HDI circuits are used in cell phones, compact mobile devices, automobiles, medical equipment, and various other advanced devices.

As one of the leading HDI PCB manufacturers, Meiko Electronics utilizes advanced laser drilling and electroplating techniques to produce HDI PCBs. They are capable of fabricating single, double, and any-layer HDI circuits using blind, buried, thru-hole, and other microvias. Meiko Electronics are among the most economical HDI PCB manufacturers.

Sun&Lynn Circuits

Another one of the best HDI PCB manufacturers in the world is Sun & Lynn Circuits. Based in China, the company is known for being a one-stop HDI PCB solution, from design to fabrication. Unlike other HDI PCB manufacturers, they are certified in a variety of quality standards, including OHSAS, UL, ISO, and EICC.

As experienced HDI PCB manufacturers, they produce reliable HDI PCBs. Their HDI PCBs are utilized in the telecommunication, automotive, energy, medical, safety, and other electronic sectors.

Advanced Circuits

One of the top HDI PCB manufacturers, Advanced Circuits has been providing its customers with cutting-edge HDI PCB and other PCB circuit design, fabrication, and assembly services for many years. Our list of the top HDI PCB manufacturers includes Advanced Circuits because of their reliable performance and dedicated customer support.

Being one of the leading HDI PCB manufacturers, they are prepared to go above and beyond to satisfy their clients. They employ high-quality HDI PCB materials, which are produced in small quantities, and adhere to strict quality requirements.

Altus PCB

Altus PCB is among the few HDI PCB manufacturers that fabricate and design HDI PCB using the world’s best PCB materials. This firm also offers some of the most cutting-edge technology and PCB tools used by the world’s best HDI PCB manufacturers for designing and fabricating HDI circuits.

Altus PCB is anexperienced HDI PCB manufacturer that engages their clients in everything from manufacturing and prototype to the HDI design process. They are one of the most well-known HDI PCB manufacturers who are always prepared to give you quick-turn prototypes and customized HDI circuits’ at the most reasonable prices.


Fastprint is one of the best Chinese HDI PCB manufacturers, and they are located in Shenzhen. Their branches are present in the UK, the US, and other countries in Asia as well. The company was founded in 1999 with the aim of being one of the leading HDI PCB manufacturers in the world.

Like other top HDI PCB manufacturers, they offer economical and reliable HDI PCB circuits in shorter lead times. They were one of the fastest-growing HDI PCB manufacturers in2022.


Suntak is among the most popular HDI PCB manufacturers in Shenzhen. They have eight manufacturing plants in China. HDI PCBs are utilized in computers, automotive, communication, medical, security, and other electronic sectors.

Since their foundation in 1995, they have worked efficiently to become the leading HDI PCB manufacturers in the world and have used the latest technology to design and develop reliable PCBs. In 2022, they won the award for strategic PCB supplier, which proves them to be one of the most reliable HDI PCB manufacturers.

American Standard Circuits

American Standard Circuits is another top HDI PCB manufacturer due to their budget-friendly HDI and other PCB circuits. They are one of the leading HDI PCB manufacturers based in the US and are well known for their multipurpose PCBs.

Like other top US HDI PCB manufacturers, they provide quality customer services and keep you updated on every step of your PCB designing, manufacturing, and assembling steps.

Rayming PCB

Rayming PCB’s continued efforts and high-tech manufacturing prove them to be one of the leading HDI PCB manufacturers. They are among the best HDI PCB manufacturers due to their passion for developing the finest HDI PCBs.

They are present in the third position on our list of the top 10 HDI PCB manufacturers, as their HDI circuits are well known for better signal transmission and integrity. You can find their HDI PCB in various telecommunication and safety devices. Like other leading HDI PCB manufacturers, they offer their clients one of the best after-sale services.

Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies is among the most experienced and innovative HDI PCB manufacturers in the world due to their use of the latest HDI technology for producing advanced and basic HDI circuits.

As one of the leading HDI PCB manufacturers, they provide quality PCB materials, fast delivery, and reliable PCB manufacturing and design.

Hemeixin PCB

Finally, on our HDI PCB manufacturers list, we have Hemeixin PCB. Without any doubt, they are the leading HDI PCB manufacturers worldwide. They are located in China and offer the best HDI and other PCB manufacturing designing, manufacturing, assembling, and testing.

Unlike other HDI PCB manufacturers, they have an excellent website that gives you tremendous customization options in fabricating PCB circuits.

Final Word

In this article, we have compiled the top ten HDI PCB manufacturers for your guidance. However, if you are looking for the best HDI PCB manufacturer out of all HDI PCB manufacturers

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