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Tips To Look For The Best Digital Lock For The Main Door

A digital lock for the main door is an electrical lock system that provides secure contactless access to the main door. The modern digital lock system is different from conventional pin code or keypad entry systems in terms of user-friendliness and convenience. People are increasingly opting for digital locks instead of traditional ones because they are less prone to physical damage, wear and tear, as well as vandalism. To buy the best digital lock for the main door, you need to follow the following tips;

  1. A good digital lock system should lock with a minimum of four different types of locking mechanisms

These include mechanical keypad entry, electronic keypad entry, electronic locking sensor, and electronic contactless transmitter. It should also offer several different key actions such as 1-touch and double-press. With these options, you can use it to lock and unlock the door electronically with a single key action.

  1. It should offer two-way communication

This enables it to transmit the user’s information to the main computer system, which can then be used to update the access control list (ACL), if necessary. It should also be able to monitor whether a door is opened from within or from outside. However, some locks are not equipped with such features, so you have to choose carefully between them.

  1. It should use a reliable power supply

The digital lock uses a battery, so you need to choose a model that is durable and can be recharged easily. This makes the best digital lock for the main door. You also want to ensure that the power supply is strong enough for the kind of load that it will usually face. Recharging will not be easy if the battery is too small or has too short a life span.

  1. It should have an anti-jamming feature

This means it cannot be opened by mistake if there is more than one person trying to open it at once, even if they are using different keys or code patterns. It should also offer anti-tamper and anti-drill features, which will make it more difficult to sabotage the system.

  1. It should require only a three-step installation process

This makes it easy to install and use, and can be done by an amateur or even someone who has no experience installing or using the lock. It should also have an auto-calibration feature that can be used by the user to check if the electronic lock is functioning effectively. This makes the best digital lock for main door. You also want to ensure that it is compatible with other digital systems, such as your fire alarm system as well as your home surveillance system.

  1. It should come with a two-year warranty

This means that you will be able to replace it in case something goes wrong within this period. You also want to check the warranty period for any other parts of the system that are not included with the lock.

  1. It should be compatible with your local standards

This means that it does not work only with the locks which are locally manufactured and installed. It should also be tested by an independent testing company to ensure it is fit for its purpose. This will make it easier for you to fix problems and prevent service calls in the future. You do not have to worry about unforeseen problems such as low power consumption since these are mostly caused by faulty batteries or bad connections.

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