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TikTok for Business 101 – How to Use it for Marketing


TikTok has developed to become a significant marketing tool for brands in less than five years, transforming the way consumers get media.

TikTok established the trend of short-form video content production with its first video limit of 15 seconds, then 60 seconds, and now 3 minutes. So much so that even well-known social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have to develop their own variations of short-form video creation, including such Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, in order to combat effectively with TikTok.

If you own a business, odds are you will use social media for marketing purposes at some point. Nearly 4 billion people are expected to use social media globally by 2022, a figure that has been gradually increasing year after year, making social media ripe with opportunity for organizations to reach their target audiences.

TikTok’s Operation

As with any social media site, if you appear to be inexperienced or not following the unwritten norms of social networks, you will be blacklisted immediately.  If you want to increase your online presence then you can buy tiktok likes from Spend time on the app by creating a profile, following famous users, and creating practice material until you feel confident that you understand what genuine people want to connect with and the platform’s ethos.

Remember that authenticity is crucial here; don’t try to make memes if that’s not your company’s vibe. Create material that is consistent with your brand and contributes to your specific objectives.

TikTok advertisement formats

TikTok will offer a variety of advertising formats, including TopView Ads, In-Feed Ads, Brand Takeover Ads, Branded Effects, and Branded Hashtag Challenges. Each one serves a different purpose and will produce a different result depending on the type of promotion you’re running.

TopView Advertisements

When a user opens the app, TopView Ads appear at the top of their TikTok feed and can last up to 60 seconds. Because this is the most popular ad kind on TikTok, it is an important marketing technique for capturing consumers’ focus and increasing brand exposure.

Advertisements in-feed

In-Feed Advertisements work in the same way as Snapchat or Instagram story ads do. They must be full-screen, skippable, and no more than 60 seconds (although the ideal length is 15 seconds). They are displayed on a user’s ForYou feed. Tracking clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), video views, and engagements can help you determine the performance of a campaign.

Takeover Ads for Brands

Business takeovers allow one brand to control the app for a single day. You can design image or video advertising (three to five seconds long) that appear at the top of the app, similar to TopView Ads, except they are not skippable. You can buy cheap likes from You can also include links to internal and external landing pages in your advertising. 

Why you should join right now

TikTok is a comparatively recent platform, particularly in the corporate world, and as such, it is not as saturated as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Buzzvoice is the trusted site to buy Tiktok likes. Because there isn’t currently a strong influencer network, it’s also considerably cheaper to promote on; there are far fewer users competing for sponsorships and ad positions. 

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